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pf and fibromyalgia

Posted by berly on 7/28/05 at 20:44 (179342)

Has there been any conection with PF and fibromyalgia? thanks

Re: pf and fibromyalgia

Pam S on 7/28/05 at 21:45 (179352)

Dear Berly:
I have asked this question before and would love to know the answer. Unfortunately, there just does not seem to be one. I am not a doctor but here is my opinion: l. People with fibro tend to heal more slowly than others. People with fibro tend to have a low tolerance for pain and we seem to feel pain more intensly than other people.
2. People with fibro tend to have more tendonitis than other people. There are times when I feel like I have tendonitis everywhere(especially in my feet 3. 'Over-use' flares up fibro and our feet certainly are over-used parts of our body.

This is not scientific by any means...just my observations and things I have heard thru the years at support groups etc.

One problem in my journeys thru all of this - If I do happen to mention to a pod or other medical specialist that I have fibro they seem to blame my foot issues on the fibro - not really taking into account there could be other anatomical reasons for my foot pain.

Would love to hear others comments on this. I will not be here for a few days but hopefully others will give you there responses if they happen to have both problems or are just simply aware of the issues.

Re: pf and fibromyalgia

Buck T, on 7/29/05 at 16:44 (179443)

Pan: Is there a link to Fibromyalgia explaining symptoms and treatments?

Thanks, Buck T.

Re: pf and fibromyalgia

Pam S on 8/01/05 at 22:03 (179689)

Buck: I would just google fibromyalgia and you will find more info than you will care to read I could imagine. I have really not been into reading much about this on line in the past few years. There are books in the bookstores I am sure. Good luck, pam

Re: pf and fibromyalgia

sandy g on 12/20/05 at 10:58 (190005)

Pam..today is 12/20/05 and i am responding your message of 7/28/05. I have fibromyalgia and possible TTS and mile plantar fasciitis and have always asked if fibro was realted to foot problems. If you do get this message, and can somehow respond to me, i would luv to talk to you...take care...sandy