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A time-waster for film buffs

Posted by R C on 7/28/05 at 23:18 (179362)

Go to:


The quiz consists of movie scenes - except that the people have been digitally erased, leaving their clothes and props in place?! Your task is to identify the movie. There are hundreds of previous quizzes to do, if you really have a lot of time to waste (for instance, you just had a cast put on, and have to keep foot elevated).

I admit I score very poorly on these, but primarily because I don't see a lot of movies. I find it very impressive (and maybe a bit scary) that there are people who routinely make perfect scores on each of these contests.

Re: A time-waster for film buffs

Richard, C.Ped on 7/29/05 at 10:54 (179385)

I thought I would be pretty good at that. I was wrong. I did better with the older movies, but not as well with the more current.

Re: A time-waster for film buffs

Kathy G on 7/29/05 at 11:36 (179393)

Oh, man, am I bad! Even the films I recognize, I can't remember the names of! And so far that's been like one or two out of eight. Thank goodness for crosswords and jigsaws or I'd have an inferiority complex!