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What do you eat??

Posted by Ralph on 7/29/05 at 16:40 (179442)

Just got word that I passed my stress test for this year. Yea.
Doctor said to continue on my Low Fat, Low Sodium, Low Carb, No Caffeine, Kidney Stone diet. Why shouldn't I pass? All I get to eat is black pepper.

I can tell you my cat's food is looking better and better each day, but more than likely it's high in something.

Re: What do you eat??

LindaV on 7/29/05 at 16:50 (179445)

Ash, Ralph. The Cat Food is high in ash, very bad for kidneys. So pass on the Fancy Feast.

Re: What do you eat??

john h on 7/29/05 at 17:17 (179449)

Ralph: I tried some of the Science Diet hard cat food (Original version). It taste terrible.

Re: What do you eat??

Ralph on 7/29/05 at 18:28 (179456)

That's what she is on. Science Diet Light Fur Ball Formula. Of course I wouldn't need the fur ball formula and I certainly can have the ash.
Wonder how bad fish food is for human?

My wife just took the cat in for her yearly visit and she gained a lb.
Maybe she should be eating my black pepper? She's 17lbs.
MainCoon cats are big and furry.

Re: What do you eat??

Kathy G on 7/30/05 at 11:00 (179480)


Congratulations on passing your stress test. I know what you mean about diet. Although I don't have one that's restricted, I try to eat healthy food. It just seems like the rule is: If it tastes good; it's bad for you!

Well, I do take Lipitor but I still splurge occasionally and eat things too high in cholesterol. I figure I should let that drug do its work; I pay a lot for it! I liked Ted Danson's line about high cholesterol, when he was in 'Becker.' He said he was going to lower his cholesterol the way God intended - with a pill!

Re: What do you eat??

Ralph on 7/30/05 at 14:17 (179486)

Have you heard about the Calcium Scoring test which is becoming popular with cardiologist? My doctor wants to keep me off the Statin drugs if he can so I'm having this Calcium Scoring test performed. Everything else looks great. This test is not covered by most insurance companies yet.

Re: What do you eat??

LindaV on 7/30/05 at 16:05 (179491)

I have not heard of that, however I am learning that maybe the fasting cholesterol is NOT the test to go by...tests that reveal inflammation may be of more use. The 3 I am learned about are the C-reactive protein, homocysteine, and I'll be blasted if I can remember the last one...but I'll work on it. Must be the Lipitor that made me forget.

Re: What do you eat??

Kathy G on 7/31/05 at 10:03 (179526)

Many doctors advocate using the C-reactive protein test for people who have RA symptoms but don't have the RA factor. I think few recommend it because so many insurance companies don't cover it.

Insurance companies rule, once again!

Re: What do you eat??

Richard, C.Ped on 8/01/05 at 14:51 (179661)

I eat 5-7 small meals per day which includes a portion of protien good carb and green veggies here and there. Also supplement with meal replacement powders, protein powders and protein bars.
I take my multi-vitamin and mineral tablet along with an aspirin tablet, fish oil capsule and my wonderful Prilosec daily.

I drink water, water, then more water. I do love my two cups of coffee in the morning as well as one around this time of day. So the no coffee thing would be hard, but not impossible. I did cut out sugar and sugar substitutes as well.

Re: What do you eat??

john h on 8/01/05 at 22:43 (179696)

Richard you would love my wife the way you eat and drink. I can never find anything around here I like except a lite beer. I still weigh what I weighed 40 years ago. I eat healthy somedays and junk on others. Would like to lose 10 lbs but I think my body has adjusted to the weight I carry so will proceed on course.

Re: What do you eat??

Richard, C.Ped on 8/02/05 at 12:07 (179739)

John, I do allow myself one day for junk. I usually reserve Sunday for that. I have found though, that I really do not feel as good toward the end of the day on Sunday, so I don't eat as bad as I used to.

Re: What do you eat??

john h on 8/02/05 at 22:28 (179776)

Richard: I have found that even though I probably burn 1/3 less calories than I did before PF that I still maintain my weight. I do not consciously try to eat less but in fact I do eat less. If I eat a burger I do not think about not ordering fries but I do not. Since my wife does not keep my kind of food around the house I cannot nibble all the time. I guess the sub conscious is at work here.