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after plantar surgery

Posted by cathie w on 7/30/05 at 23:58 (179506)

I had PF surgery 9 months ago on my left foot where my doctor cut a portion of the muscle in the instep. I was given some foot exercises to do afterward with a wide stretching rubber band type thing to use. Anyway, with that type of surgery, can that then allow for your arche to begin to fall? And if your arch does fall a little bit, will that then put an aching pressure on the top of your foot and also cause you to start walking more on the metatarsils as your step changes more to a flat step when walking vs the rolling from heal to toe on the ball of your feet? And with that, would it then put your toes higher in the air so that the begin to arch up and then back down but the balls of your toes no longer touch the floor when standing? Also my big toe points straight ahead but then a big V has formed next to my big toe as the direction of the rest of my toes are pointing more towards the outside of my foot? My doctor as well as the 2nd opinion doctor have never seen anything like this before and have no idea what to do other then put me in orthodics which I wear 24/7. Has anyone ever heard of something like this before? Would doing the foot band exercises take care of this problem? I have become partially crippled from this and do not understand what is going on nor what can be done about it. Now I walk like an old lady, calculating each step I take as I feel the pain on the entire top of my foot and on the metarsils and experience some loss of balance to top it all off. I truly can no longer stand on my toes to stretch and reach for something. A walk around the block is with pain and takes me 5 times longer then it did a year ago and I would not even consider trying to run. I firmly believe I was better off before the surgery but since it is to late to turn back, what can I do now? I need some help. Help me to help my doctors.

Re: after plantar surgery

Dr. Z on 7/31/05 at 13:53 (179543)

Have you had a neurological evaluation.? Do you still have heel pain. Did you have burning in your feet. I would evaluate any neuroma's I just realized you had an in-step plantar fascia release. This is a pretty straight forward release. I doubt whether any other tendons or nerves were cut. Were you in a cast after the procedure. Maybe the cast was involved.