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OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

Posted by Scott R on 8/01/05 at 08:27 (179613)

Newcomers are usually nice and on topic, so I'll post this only to the Social board. It's time to stop the nastiness and off-topic posts which include discussing the nastiness and off-topic posts. The new button that allows you to report a non-nice or off-topic post gives me good reason to block you if you respond to a non-nice or off-topic post instead of reporting it. Dorothy, this means you. I know how hard it is for you to either remember or follow this rule eventhough it's stated in the posting agreement.

Re: PS, it's OK to talk off-topic in social board

Scott R on 8/01/05 at 08:28 (179615)


Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

Ralph on 8/01/05 at 08:35 (179617)

I didn't see this particular post before I posted my reply to Dorothy on the other board.

Re: PS, it's OK to talk off-topic in social board

Kathy G on 8/01/05 at 09:15 (179622)


That's perfect, as far as I'm concerned. I believe that everyone who comes to these boards, comes for a different reason. First of all, we all have foot problems of some sort. We are searching for some hope, some new treatments, some information. Or we want to offer same to people who have just been diagnosed with PF. Without your Board, I know I would still be in as much physcial pain as I was five or six years ago, when I discovered your website. Who knows where I'd be emotionally?

I had to leave work at the age of 50 and found it upsetting as most of my friends still worked and my youngest daughter was going away to college. I tried a second job and had to leave that. All of a sudden my life, as I knew it, had been taken away from me. I was, and still would be, a very active person. Throw in a few other personal family problems I was experiencing at the time, and I was in despair. And the people on whom I could lean, in my own life, were the ones with problems. Here, I found people who consoled me, made me laugh and encouraged me. I got to know new people from all over the world, in different walks of life, with whom I would never have made acquaintance if it hadn't been for my PF and this Board. The Board was the only positive thing that came out of PF and my attendant OA which hit at about the same time.

As I learned more about PF, I was able to help newcomers and felt I was offering a service. It made me feel good to be able to return the goodwill to those who were in the same position as I had been, many of whom were way worse off than I.

When the war in Iraq broke out, the Social Board got ugly. I was totally perplexed as I considered the Social Board to be just that: social. If I attended a party, I would not discuss politics or religion. I wouldn't have dreamt of discussing it here and I couldn't understand why it was a discussion point on a Social Board for people with foot problems. There are so many websites dedicated to such discussions. Everything got out of hand and you did the only thing you could do, which was to take the Boards down while people cooled off.

When the Boards went up again, we lost some wonderful posters and that was unfortunate. Some have come back but the majority have stayed away and that is even more unfortunate.

I've become friends with so many people here. I don't just consider them cyber persons but real flesh and blood people about whom I care. I check in every day to just, as Suzanne so aptly put it, 'chit chat.' That's nice. I've become very fond of this little family of feet people!

I always check the Treatment Board and I try to help people as much as I can. I am not as knowledgeable as Julie, John and others but I do what I can. I invite people over to the Social side because for me, once I read your book, it was where I found solace in a time of emotional and physical pain. If I think I've helped just one person, it makes me feel good.

I don't check the ESWT Boards because I don't know much about it. I have the utmost respect for the doctors who volunteer their time and knowledge to answer the questions posted for them. They are generous, caring people.

As I've said, I never even read many of Elyse's posts because they were on subjects about which I know very little. The few I read were confrontational and argumentative and I just couldn't be bothered. In my life, I walk away from people like her and I do the same here. During the Iraq uproar, until there were some vicious personal attacks on people I cared for and respected, I never posted. When the attacks became personal, I jumped in because that's what I would do in 'real' life.

You've got a tough job in being webmaster of these Boards and you could still have your internet business, have your heel pain book and not even bother with these Boards but I believe you do it because you realize how important human contact with fellow Pf'ers is. I admire and thank you for what you do.

I hope we can continue with these new guidelines and get on with the business of using each Board for its expressed purpose and make it the same warm, welcoming place it was when I came aboard five or six years ago.

Re: PS, it's OK to talk off-topic in social board

Jan P on 8/01/05 at 11:13 (179638)

When I first came to this site several months ago, I got a response from Julie about a question. I felt like I had been blessed by someone important! :) I echo Kathy's thoughts about the value of the old-timers. (How long do you have to be here before you're an old-timer?) You all that had been-there-done-that and responded to me, and even told me how to use this site were so helpful! It was like I'd been given hope in the midst of depression.

Please, lets keep this a positive hopeful place, and keep the folks posting who make it so.

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

Susan on 8/01/05 at 14:21 (179652)

I figured if I reported Dorothy, Julie or Lara for being non-nice or off-topic you would not pay any attention to it.

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

Scott R on 8/01/05 at 17:38 (179673)

Susan, no one has shown me a bad post from you.

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

BrianG on 8/01/05 at 18:04 (179676)

Scott, I have taken a break from posting, as I didn't really like the direction the board was taking. I still check in, but just don't post much. I'd like to go on record as being against letting other posters vote off posters, who they may think are 'not nice'.

I'd like to know exactly how many votes it takes to get someone banned? I'd also like to know if you are going to take the time to make sure that people who are voting other posters off the board, are not posting under more than one name? It's quite obvious that numerous people on this board are posting under different names. As long as you let that continue, I don't see how it can be fair to an indivdual, to be banned by other posters. You might have only two people voting against another poster, but if they have multiple names, it would appear as if 6 people were voting someone off. It just doesn't seem right to me!


PS: If someone does get banned, I think you should post the names of the people who voted them off, so everyone can see who they are. I think that would stop people from ganging up, to get rid of people they don't like.

Re: PS, it's OK to talk off-topic in social board

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/01/05 at 21:40 (179685)


I think there is very little that Julie and I agree on politically. We do both agree that there needs to be an atmosphere of mutual understanding; a supportive atmosphere here on the boards. I consider Julie a great friend as we are all multidimensional individuals with issues such as politics being only one of dozens of issues. I try to keep in touch with Julie but realize Julie has distanced herself from the board as she feels the lack of the supportive, warm hearted atmosphere that she so much feels belongs on a site designed to help people in pain. If Scott has decided to take a more active role to remove people who somehow hurt people who are already hurting, I have to agree with him.

I have felt forced into a real dilemna because as a 'site' doctor I felt obligated to prevent readers and posters from getting misinformation. Many doctors only post occasionally becasue they don't want the responsibility of the 'site' doctor. That is what Dr. Wander had told me. I have 3 small children and a busy practice and am somewhat inclined to take Dr. Wander's advice despite my appreciation of Scott removing an individual whom I felt I had to chase around the site, correcting misinformation. That individual had some personal negative experiences but allowed those experiences to color her opinion of the facts and in doing so, I felt that she was potentially doing harm to other posters.

I work close to 80 hours a week so every minute is precious to me as taking time here further limits time with my family. I enjoy trying to help people becausue if I did not, I would have quit long ago. We, as doctors, don't want any special treatment here but we want to see harmony and not be distracted by those with an agenda or those who for whatever reason are giving readers inaccurate information.

If Scott has decided to be more active as a moderator, making the site a place for accurate medical advice and a supportive atmosphere, I have to give him kudos.

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

john h on 8/01/05 at 22:35 (179693)

Clearly I have not been reading the post much as I was not even aware one could be voted off the board. Brian I vote to keep you! If I am voted off, like Douglas McArthur I Shall Return. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and remember what things are really important in life. Do you have to register to vote? Are the votes secret? Do you need to register as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent? My feet still hurt no matter how you vote.

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

john h on 8/01/05 at 22:45 (179697)

Can you be 'off topic' on the Social Board? I thought this board was created to discuss things other than feet with the be nice rule still applying?

Re: PS, it's OK to talk off-topic in social board

Julie on 8/02/05 at 02:48 (179705)

Ed, I too am glad that Scott has decided to take a more active role in reading and assessing posts, and take corrective action *before* things escalate to the extent they did recently. Like Brian, I don't think that people pressing buttons to tattle on other people ought to figure in his decision-making process, but as long as it's done judiciously it's a good deal better than nothing. Once everyone becomes aware that the site is being properly moderated, the problem may solve itself: there should be a greater degree of self-moderation. 'Blocking' people may no longer be necessary, except in obvious cases of outright slander and nastiness.

Only time will tell, but if things really do improve, you may no longer have to waste your time 'chasing' people whose issues and agendas lead them to hound and harangue the doctors, and to spray misinformation around the place. You'll be able to devote the limited time you choose to spend here to the proper business of helping people. No, you and I have never agreed on political issues, but you know that I have always appreciated and respected your contribution here. Your input would be greatly missed. But after the last couple of months I would certainly not blame you (or Dr Z) if you decided to bow out.

I am glad that things may now change. I hope that the conditions that have caused Brian, Suzanne, Dorothy, myself, and others who have made useful contributions here to back away will change, and that the friendly, supportive atmosphere will be restored. I don't see myself being part of rebuilding it, but I sincerely hope that it happens.

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

Kathy G on 8/02/05 at 08:49 (179716)

Ah, John, that's what we need. You can always put things into perspective!

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

marie on 8/02/05 at 17:38 (179759)

Don't forget the Libertarians and the Constitution Party and the Greens.....have I left anyone out. It's so hard to be politically correct all the time.

Re: OK, time to stop non PF discussions - - house cleaning mood -- 5 old-timers may be blocked this week

John H on 8/03/05 at 09:38 (179812)

Marie: perhaps the Wigs,Socialist,Communist,Anarchaist,Dictatorship,Monarchy,Constitutional Monarchist,and those who do not believe in anything.