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To John

Posted by Ralph on 8/01/05 at 08:46 (179618)

Pray for no hurricanes. Our condo offer was accepted. If it passes inspection which I think it will I just purchased my piece of the Gulf.

Re: To John

John H on 8/01/05 at 09:04 (179621)

Ralph: Where on the gulf is your new condo? Always nice to have friends with condos on the beach?

Re: To John

Kathy G on 8/01/05 at 09:20 (179624)


Congratulations! My husband and I would love to visit the Gulf section. John has sent me pictures and it looks just wonderful. Unfortunately, with the cost of transportation from NH, it's more than we can afford right now but it's on our list of hopes for the future.

We'll hope that all these nasty hurricanes stay away until your inspection is complete and your sale is finalized.

How excited you must be!

Re: To John

Ralph on 8/01/05 at 09:21 (179625)

Marco Island. I figured a hurricane would have to make a sharp right turn when it came into the Gulf to get a direct hit. No controling the weather but we've have what we've always dreamed about owning. Condo prices on the Gulf just keep rising. We should have purchased several years ago, but didn't so we ended up paying for not getting off the pot sooner.