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Arch supports for post TTS surgery!

Posted by Geri on 8/01/05 at 12:26 (179647)

Dr. Z. or Richard: I have had 2 pairs of custom arch supports that Doctor's prescribed. I am over having another pair made. Way to expensive. I cannot wear either one of them without pain before tts surgery or even now 20 months post op. A while back Dr, Z reccomended a soft pair for me to wear, and of course like everything I cannot find the post. If you could so kindly Dr. Z. tell me again I will write it down this time. Also would you recommend 'Power Steps' for someone with a slight pronation(this was one of the Doc's words) regarding my surgical foot. I have had very poor results from TTS surgery. I can control it better than before surgery as I have changed my lifestyle according to my foot. Thanks.

Re: Arch supports for post TTS surgery!

chrisb on 8/02/05 at 20:40 (179767)

Hi Geri -
I'm not a doc, just another poor soul who had TTS surgery (16 months ago) which hasn't changed my condition. Our conditions may not be the same at all, of course. But FYI I found -- since the onset of my problem -- that orthotics seemed to press on the problem area, and give me extra pain at the insertion point. Before surgery i found no big difference whether or not I wore the orthotics, but I wore them just in case (for 18 months). I did find that the more 'extreme' rise custom orthotics were more painful, and so used the 'minor rise' ones that docs told me were actually not giving me much arch support. But they were less painful. After TTS surgery i wore it again, but no use really. Since 10 months ago I've stopped using the orthotic and its no worse, no better. But I'm hoping without an orthotic maybe its allowing my foot musculature to exercise better. Unfortunately I can't report any change, but at least it tells me that an orthotic was doing no particular good for me either.
So my experience is that after TTS surgery the orthotic is not helping anything.

Good luck.

Re: Arch supports for post TTS surgery!

Geri on 8/03/05 at 07:38 (179794)

Thanks Chris: My arch is high and practically no arch in a shoe that has arch supports I feel supports it. Just as a test again yesterday I used my inserts that my Doc. had made before surgery. I removed them after 10 min. as they hurt my arch. The pain I'm left with since surgery for tts is pain in my arch, and the ball of my foot.Thanks for your answer. I'm hoping Dr. Z will tell me the soft inserts he recommended a few months ago.

Re: Arch supports for post TTS surgery!

Richard, C.Ped on 8/04/05 at 08:07 (179947)

I am a fan of going softer (40 durometer EVA) unless the patient is very, very active and/or a 300 pound lineman. Most often with a high arch foot, that foot is ridgid and only needs minor support and cushion. You do not want to throw the foot into a more supinated position with an orthosis.

Re: Arch supports for post TTS surgery!

Geri on 8/04/05 at 13:19 (179979)

Richard: Hi again, thanks for answering my post. Awhile back I asked you if I did not have a Rx for orthotics could you still dispense them. You gave me your email address, and of course I have lost it. I am moving back to N. Atlanta in a couple of months. If I can get to Columbia, S.C. I will let you know. To address my current problem what is (40 durometer EVA) mean. Is this a type of orthotic or the name of an orthotic? Can I get this over the internet?

Re: Arch supports for post TTS surgery!

Richard, C.Ped on 8/04/05 at 14:19 (179984)

We have found that EVA material is one of the best that allows us to mold and grind with ease. It also provides excellent support but gives cushion as well. 40 durometer is what we use for out soft. When the word 'soft' is used, everyone has their opinion. When I say soft, I mean that the orthosis is not hard, but is not squishy either. It will be easier to get used to -vs- a harder orthosis if someone has never worn one before.

A step up is a 50-55 durometer which is more firm. The rigid we make is a 60 durometer. I pretty much use that for our large college athletes.

Use the link to my website and scroll down to get my email address.

If you have a pop up stopper, make sure it is enabled. It is a free website from Yahoo, so they have popups included.