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Left Foot Pain

Posted by CPT K on 8/01/05 at 14:16 (179651)

My left foot pain started with a neuroma, which I had removed 6 months (July 2002) after it started hurting so bad that cortisone no longer worked. In October of 2003, all of the following started hurting all at once heel pain (x-ray revealed a heel spur), capsulitis, stump neuroma pain, and posterior tibial tendon. I received so many cortisone shots that they will no longer give me anymore. One day I started having terrible ankle pain, so I was given a cortisone shot in the ankle. Unfornuately, after I returned with heel pain so bad that I could not put any weight on my foot and the ankle pain was worst, I discovered that the cortisone shot was not authorized in the ankle. The doctor put me in a hard cast until my foot swelled up so bad that I got the cast cut off two weeks early. To make matters worst my arch decided is was going to collaspe too. If I could actually stand the pain I would actually walk on my ankle.

My ACL in my left knee decided to rupture and I also developed patella chrondomalicia too. I cannot get anything in my knee repaired until someone thinks of a way to stabilize my dysfunctional posterior tendon and heel pain. I have had 6 sets of custom made orthodics and they do not put a dent in the pain at all.

I currently walk with a cane and take a lot of Vicodin too. What can be done if anything to fix these problems?