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Please note that Scott changed his plan for improving the Board

Posted by Kathy G on 8/02/05 at 08:36 (179712)

If you look at Scott's last post, you'll see that we no longer can vote against someone. Scott obviously realized that people didn't like the idea, so he changed it. I see his new format as being similar to when someone thought that an inappopriate post had been placed on the board, one could just put his name in the subject line to get his attention.

I still, personally, had no problem with his original plan because I believed that he would carefully investigate anyone's vote against another, making sure that it wasn't just a personal vendetta. I did think it would be time consuming for him and I think this new plan is much better.

I've never met anyone I wanted to vote off the Board, with the exception of a few trolls we've encountered. There have been times when I wanted a particular thread to be taken off the Board because it had gone from being civil to being rude or inappopriate. As for me, I pretty much stayed out of the fray. Some would call me a coward but I just don't like confrontation and the reason I come to these Boards is for conversation and hopefully to help people with foot problems. The friends I've made are a pleasant added benefit.

By and large, I'd say for a group of people from all kinds of backgrounds and persuasions, with only painful feet in common, we do a good job of keeping these Boards viable and I sure hope we can continue.

Re: Please note that Scott changed his plan for improving the Board

Julie on 8/02/05 at 09:07 (179719)

Kathy, I know he has dropped the 'Ban this poster' button. But people can still say that they think a post is not nice or not on topic. That's what I meant. Anyway, I hope it works.