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heel spur removal

Posted by nita on 8/02/05 at 12:02 (179738)

On June 23rd. I had PF and bone spur removal. I wore a boot for 2 weeks with no weight on my foot. When my stitches came out (2 wks) I thought I could just walk on my foot fine in my boot. Not the case. It was another 2 weeks before I felt comfortable enough to 'gimp' around with no crutches on my boot. On Thursday, 8/04 it will be 6 weeks and I still wear my boot quite a bit. On week 4 I could start wearing a good shoe 3 hours a day. It was not really comfortable right away and I notice that I still walk a little stiff footed. I have to stop myself from walking on the outside of my foot. I am making my foot and calf miserable. My podiatrist has mentiond no physical therapy or inserst for my shoes. I don't go back to him until the 17th. Is therapy recommended or do you wait for a certain amount of time before beginning? My foot is still so sore that walking for any amount of time is painful. I don't know if it is because of the way I am walking that is making my foot so sore or not. I do know that I am SO tired of gimping everywhere...lol. WILL IT EVER GET BETTER!!!!!!

Re: heel spur removal

Dr. Zuckerman on 8/02/05 at 12:49 (179741)

It can take months for the pain to resolve. Sometimes six months to one year. Physical Therapy may be a good idea as well as orthosis.

Re: to: nita

denise h on 8/04/05 at 19:23 (180012)

hey its denise .how are you doing really? my surgery is schuled for aug17th .can you tell me about youre surgery and how it went for you?im have open release on the 17th and im scared to death right now. i stand on my feet for 8 hour s a day at work and they are killing me right now i cat even walk on them when i get home so how long do you think i would be out of work? how long have you been out?

Re: to denise

nita on 8/04/05 at 22:06 (180027)

Hi. Don't worry about the surgery. I know everyones is different but that was the easiest part. I also could not stand for very long periods. In the mornings it was so hard getting out of bed because of the pain. Just laying on the couch my foot would hurt so bad that I would have to find a more comfortable position. I am really glad that I did have the surgery. My pod. told me that he cut two-thirds of my ligament and removed the heel spur. The most important part of your recovery is NOT putting ANY weight at all on it until he tells you to. I did and now I have alot of scar tissue. My surgery lasted about 45 minutes and I was on my way home 1 hour after surgery. The hardest part for me was trying to walk around on crutches. I am not at all graceful. It was depressing for me because I couldn't clean my house and do all the things I wanted to do. Very depressing going to stores and riding on the motorized cart. I hated that. I had absolutely NO pain whatsoever from the surgery. I did take a pain pill when I got home from surgery and before I went to bed that night because I was afraid it would start hurting and wanted to get ahead of the pain but I didn't need it. Have not taken any since. When I could start walking on my foot 2 weeks later it was so hard. I was afraid of hurting it and it did hurt. If felt like my heel was going to break whenever I put weight on it. It also felt like my foot had been asleep and had pins and needles in it too. That went away about 2 weeks later. It has now been 6 weeks and the pain that I have now is nothing compared to what it was like before surgery. I have none of that pain. I think that my pain is coming from how I am walking on it. I think I am still trying to baby it. Don't be so scared. Everybody says that it takes 6 mo. to a year for it to heal and believe me they are telling the truth. They told me that but for some reason I thought mine would not be that long. It is. It does take time and depression is hard to fight off but you can do it. I fought my pain for 17 months. Tried everything to prevent surgery but nothing worked. My left foot is now just as bad as my right foot was and my pod. wants to do that foot when my foot is healed. I have not walked without heel pain for so long that I won't know what it is like when both are healed. On my foot he made a small 1 inch incision on the inside of my foot just below my ankle bone. I had ALOT of bruising on the bottom of my foot for about a month. Took a long time for that to go away. I came home from the hospital with it wrapped and in a boot. Just don't expect to be up and able to do a whole lot for awhile. Good luck with your surgery. Don't worry. I know that is easier said than done. If you have anymore questions or you just want to talk and ease your mind about your surgery and don't want to do it on here you can e-mail me at (email removed) Also, I drive a school bus so I had mine done earlier enough in the summer that I don't have to be off work. Good luck.

Re: nita

denise h on 8/05/05 at 04:02 (180029)

thankyou and god bless you.

Re: heel spur removal

Robert B. on 8/05/05 at 16:45 (180072)

It took around 6 weeks until the pain subsided for me on my one foot. It was done 10 years ago and haven't had a problem with that foot since. It's the other foot I have problems with now, go figure. But everyones system is different. Good Luck

Re: heel spur removal

Dr. Z on 8/05/05 at 16:54 (180075)

It is possible that have the pf cut/release will change the mechanic and the entire gait cycle due to damage to the windlass effect changing. The foot can feel great but other problems can develop in the opposite foot and other lower extremity joints.
Here is another example I see. Patient has a new hip implant . Hip is great but the leg became shorter and now the arch is collapse and the feet just hurt. This does happen

Re: heel spur removal

Amy j rowe on 8/15/05 at 17:08 (180562)

i had a heel spur removed in may of this year i am experience pain on the side of my foot and when i walk on it sometimes it hurts they said it's not totally healed yet and that i migh thave arthris in it they said well this pain ever go away let me know if i am on my feet to long it hurts really bad and when they injected needles in my toes i still can't feel them very much the dr said it's normal the feeling will come back though
e-mail is (email removed)

Re: to nita

John H on 8/18/05 at 10:21 (180697)

Denise the only thing that scared me was that it would not work. The procedure is not that big a deal in my mind. Pain was minimal. Home after three hours in recovery. Keep your foot elevated with ice and take the pain meds your Doc gives you and you will do fine. Ask him what kind of pain meds he will give you. Ask for something better than Tylenol.

Re: to john h

denise h on 8/26/05 at 13:13 (181233)

hey just now seen youre post soory i didnt write you sooner. im doing fine except it hurts when i put weight on my foot and when i walk on it.