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This type of injury doc?

Posted by Brian on 8/02/05 at 16:35 (179754)

so i was biking a while back in mid may. did a ride and then went to work to pool lifeguard when the pain hit. i dont know where it was from but i had pain in the back of the leg next to the popliteus and in my feet. since then i have actively DONE NOTHING physical like i was before. the pain behind the leg has subsided and only is pain in foot around the posterior calcaneus and around the tarsal tunnel region. i havent rulled out tarsal tunnle syndrome, but i am seraching for something else besides this condition because of the old pain in the back of the leg. i have a had a ct scan of the lumbar but i dont think i have any pinched nerve in the back because this pain is bilateral and not symetrical and even though i was on a bike. if anyone could give me something, it would be greatly apreciated.

i cant walk without shoes sitting on aleviates the pain