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ESWT BIZ getting nasty

Posted by vince on 8/02/05 at 18:49 (179761)

I was in the Big Apple today visiting some friends when I heard a radio ESWT ad that said that all companies that use mobile ESWT equipment should be avoided. The ad said the equipment should not be trusted because it gets bounced around in a truck and as a result doesn't work properly. The ad continued to say that only the ESWT machine at some fixed site in Westchester NY(I didn't catch the name of the company) should be trusted. Dr Z- isn't your Dornier mobile? I wonder if Dornier would be interested in hearing that their machine are not to be trusted if they are transported. Hey Scott R I think you are involved in ESWT in the New York area aren't you? Would you have any idea who the company is that put out the ad? I had ESWT with a mobile machine and it worked just fine.

Re: ESWT BIZ getting nasty

scott r on 8/02/05 at 18:51 (179762)

Vince, i don't have anything to do with the ESWT business.

Re: ESWT BIZ getting nasty

Dr. Z on 8/02/05 at 19:10 (179763)

All Dornier Epos Ultra's are Mobile. There are very important testing procedure that need to be performed on the Dornier before treatment regardless of whethere the unit is fixed or transportable

Re: ESWT BIZ getting nasty

John H on 8/03/05 at 10:12 (179821)

Since the ESWT equipment is smaller than a desk it could be done in the back of a truck and it would make no difference. Dr. Z has a fancy mobile home he operates out of and it is better than many Doctor's offices I have been in. If there is such a thing as a mobile ESWT machine I am unaware. I think they are all the same. We have several mobile ESWL machines for removing kidney stones in Arkansas. This is much more of a serious procedure than ESWT but uses the same technology. They are operated by major hospitals. They use the same equipment as used in the hospital.