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Posted by Dorothy on 8/03/05 at 02:40 (179782)

Dear Julie -

If you are up over there, I wanted to say a few things. I have read some of the recent posts and continue to feel baffled and poorly treated, but not nearly as much as you have been by the owner here. If it were possible to do a search on your name, on the yoga exercises you taught us, on the posts from others to you expressing their thanks - such as Jan's very lovely post to you - then it would be easy for anyone who does not already know it to be able to see what you have meant to the people on this website. The education and encouragement you have offered have been part of the 'glue' that has held this thing together. I think the owner is extraordinarily perverse and completely beyond normal, logical understanding, but that has never been more true than tonight in his post to you. He claims ownership of the virtual 'real estate' but apparently thinks that others should clean up his property. It doesn't matter now. (And in my parting shot, I will correct his spelling: the word is ‘moot', not mute.) This is all moot now. I'm really sorry that you are having the challenges in your life that your post mentions and I wish you would let your friends here be of aid and comfort in the limited ways we can. Much can be felt through one's writing and your writing is not that of a person who is old, but maybe a little sad and a little defeated feeling right now. You've been very generous with all of us here and like others, I also refer to 'my friend in England...' I will not try to 'horn in' on Jan's wonderfully stated feelings about your involvement here except to second them. Your presence has been missed and will be missed. I do sincerely hope that the troubles you referred to are manageable ones that improve soon. You know how to face trouble, Julie. I send affection and gratitude and my very best wishes to you and to your husband. I hope he is well soon. Take good care, friend. ( I will be blocked and deleted for this so I hope you read it first.)

Re: For Dorothy

Julie on 8/03/05 at 07:02 (179790)

Good morning, Dorothy, and thank you very much.

Don't worry about what Scott said to me. I think he was stung by my clear statement of my view, knows that I am generally respected and listened to here, and was probably just getting his own back. He is quixotic, (and knows it) and sometimes he can be perverse, and has misinterpreted me before. It doesn't matter: I'm tough - about some things - and I've learned not to be hurt by cyber-insults.

What matters a lot to me is the opinion of my friends, and I certainly count you as one of them. I am so grateful for what you've said. Yes, you picked up my tone of voice: I am sad. Life is challenging right now, but as you say, I do know how to face trouble and I'm open to any comfort that's going. The people I know best here have my email - I think you have it too. Your post has been greatly comforting: I thank you.

Let's not discuss the website any more, though: it only upsets Scott. I've no intention of continuing the argument, and don't want people to start taking sides. And I really do hope that his new system works, for the sake of everyone - present posters and future ones.

Many thanks again, Dorothy.

Re: Julie

april l on 8/03/05 at 10:41 (179828)

Julie, I will miss your posts if you decide to stop participating. I don't post much but I do read and you have my respect. It will be a huge loss to this site IMO if you decide to leave.

Re: Julie

Julie on 8/03/05 at 12:49 (179849)

Thank you very much, April.

Re: For Dorothy

Scott R on 8/03/05 at 13:07 (179854)

I'm probably quixotic, but all i know about that term might be wrong: someone self-deluded who fights windmills to save the world?

Re: For Dorothy

Liboralis on 8/03/05 at 15:00 (179872)

quix·ot·ic ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kwk-stk) also quix·ot·i·cal (--kl)
Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality.
Capricious; impulsive: 'At worst his scruples must have been quixotic, not malicious' (Louis Auchincloss).

Well its not proper decorum to cast insults at the owner of a home when you are in his living room. To do so is a sign of improper breeding AND may get you asked outside.

Re: For Julie

LindaV on 8/03/05 at 15:33 (179876)

I echo the thoughts of many who will miss your posts. You have earned my respect and gratitude for many of your posts which have helped me, and I'm sure many others. I totally understand if your life has taken a different direction, and wish you and your husband well. I hope you will at least stop in and say hello from time to time. Perhaps, if things get easier for you, you may be able to return in the future to help nurture those here who are hurting in body and/or spirit. God Bless, Julie.

Re: For Julie

Julie on 8/03/05 at 15:42 (179877)

Thank you, Linda.