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trauma related tarsal tunnel

Posted by purple5 on 8/03/05 at 12:17 (179838)

I don't understand what seems to be a really stupid delay from an at-fault party's insurance company and need some direction please. I was t-boned 2+ yrs ago by a dummy on a cell phone, speeding, flying through stop sign. Significant injury/pain to neck, back, feet. Initially diagnosed w/ Achilles tendonitis, then tarsal tunnel. It was so sever that I had horrible pain, difficulty walking, stabs, jabs, shocks all day & night, every day/night. Finally had TTS release left foot; only 65 % successful. I still have moderate stabs, jabs burning both feet. To make a long story short, the insurance company is refusing to pay for ANYTHING to do with my foot injury/trauma. They say it 'existed before the wreck, but just wasn't diagnosed yet.' (???) I have a history of foot psoriasis, and thats all! So HOW do I prove that this was directly caused by the wreck and nothing else but the wreck? If I never have been diagnosed with TTS, never had any symptoms whatsoever, HOW did it exist 'prior to the wreck?' My atty says I have to prove its related to the wreck. Doesn't the fact that it was only diagnosed aftyer the wreck, that I NEVER had symptoms in my life cover this? Am I not understanding something? If there are NO medical records for anything other than swollen, scaly, inflamed feet from psoriasis, why am I having such a hard time, and what do I need to do or say to get these people to pay up? Thanks much!!

Re: trauma related tarsal tunnel

john king on 8/03/05 at 12:37 (179844)

I think you should get a lawyer. The insurance company is just trying to BS you. A good personal injury lawyer should be able to wake them up. Did you have a lawyer for this case? I hope you did not sign away your rights.

Re: trauma related tarsal tunnel

Donna H on 8/10/05 at 09:34 (180309)

Hey John- thanks for responding. My lawyer, and mind you, this is the 2nd one for this case - says I 'have to prove that the tarsal tunnel came from the wreck...' Thats why I just don't get what the heck the problem is. if I Nver ever had any diagnosis nor any symptoms of TTS prior to the wreck, isn't that 'proof' that the tarsal tunnel wasn't there B4 the wreck?? I am either dense and just don't get it or neither one of the attys I've had so far are. besides I think it should be up to the at-fault party's atty to prove it WAS there then, if thats their claim.