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Wow-this site suddenly got very interesting.

Posted by messed up foot on 8/03/05 at 13:32 (179859)

I haven't read or posted for a while - quite the interesting series of threads! I think Dr Davis is a genius - he diagnosed my ankle over this website when no one else was taking it seriously.

I have my ankle arthroscopy and lateral ligament reconstruction tomorrow. Woo Hoo - 4 more weeks in a cast. Then we do the PTT and I'm not counting the weeks in a cast for that one!

To make it all more interesting I tore my rotator cuff 4 weeks ago (hence- no internet surfing!) and my herniated disk decided to remind me who is the boss. OH I almost forgot that from my chronic inversions - I have an impinged superficial peroneal nerve too. Wow, does that hurt!

Everyone wish me luck???? - and Dr. Ed - thank you!

Re: Wow-this site suddenly got very interesting.

Ralph on 8/03/05 at 16:17 (179882)

Sounds like you're in for a lot of work. Hope every surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. Wishing you the very best outcomes through all of your procedures.

Re: Wow-this site suddenly got very interesting.

messed up foot on 8/07/05 at 00:40 (180166)

survived surgery #3 and I'm really enjoying the cast in 90+ degree heat! Amazingly, this surgery was not too bad. Now the surgeon wants to wait on the PTT repair. He and I will be having a conversation about this - I prefer to finish the work so my life can move on. Besides, what is the point in doing all the rehab only to go back into a cast again? I haven't spoken with him myself (too loopy post op) so maybe he has a reason?