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PF v. tendonitis

Posted by Kaye on 8/03/05 at 15:19 (179874)

Is there a differnce between tendonitis and PF? I have been told I have tendonitis in one foot and PF in the other. I really did not understand the difference when it was explained to me. I know that PF can eventually get better and go away. Can tendonitis or is it more of a chronic condition? Thanks!

Re: PF v. tendonitis

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 8/03/05 at 20:28 (179925)

Hello Kaye, there is a difference between the two. Tendonitis and fascitis are acute/subacute inflammations of soft tissue. Tendonitis involves the tendon and fascitis involves the fascia. Both of these coniditions gone untreated can lead to tedinosis and fasciosis which is chronic.

Re: PF v. tendonitis

Kaye on 8/04/05 at 09:46 (179956)

is the treatment for tendonitis and PF the same?