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i have an idea...vote to block me?

Posted by scott r on 8/03/05 at 16:54 (179891)

I mean, if i'm so bad, let's take a vote to see if I need blocking. Maybe I can manage things with the new system without opening my mouth.

Re: i have an idea...vote to block me?

scott r on 8/03/05 at 16:56 (179892)

ps, note that the vote to block option is now back in place.

Re: That thought occurred to me..................

marie on 8/03/05 at 17:30 (179895)

I thought about that just for fun..........but then I thought you'd put me on the block list. YIKES! Sorry but I'm tired of bickering.

Just know that for some reason everyone everywhere on the Internet has gone wacko this week.

I love julie, I love scott, I love Dorothy and everyone else. now maybe I will just keep repeating that to myself.:) and they will knock it off. It's not good to fight in front of the children. :(

love ya Scott!!!!!

Now if I push the button will I get in trouble? Really I just want to do it for the thrill. It's like forbidden fruit.

best wishes marie

Re: i have an idea...vote to block me?

LindaV on 8/03/05 at 17:44 (179896)

Scott R,
You run a very important web site service and take a lot of heat that you don't deserve and could indeed resent. Buck up, guy. Comes with the territory. Don't let the 5% of wackos deter you from helping the 95% who love this site and most of the folks that help them. Somehow, this whole 'blocking' issue reminds of the infantile 'slam books' we had in High School. Let's grow up and move on.

Re: That thought occurred to me..................

scott r on 8/03/05 at 17:55 (179901)

most everyone hear knows i don't care if i'm insulted. i don't care if anyone wanted me blocked. i just couldn't let that one minor point with J (that i've been silent to 5 times in the past) pass this time. i even waited a few days to respond. i don't like coming to the message board and wish it maintained itself.... and then to be told i need to do a better job by someone doing a lot of it herself and not willing to lift a finger....geesh. Just like Dr Ed had to offer E free ESWT, i had to offer J moderation priviliges to try to keep her out of fights in order to give myself some peace. And just like E, J didn't seem to like the tables being turned like that and came up with the screwy idea that the owner of the house is responsible for the mess left by errant guests. She'll go to your party, but God forbid if you ask her to clean up after herself.

Re: i have an idea...vote to block me?

Dr. Z on 8/03/05 at 17:59 (179902)

I like you I am trying to help you out. DR. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ What the f--- more can you do. You learn from eveything. Your check off for good for the newsletter can really help the heel pain book material. I asked Dr. Larry Huppin DPM to write some stuff on biomechanics. On another note go to my web site and take a look at the my footstore. This is a turn key operation that I can help arrange for you to have . If you like the store e-mail at (email removed) and I will introduce you to the owner of the store. It is 100% turnkey. The products are great and you can add what products you want and they handle all phases including stocking and shipping.

Re: That thought occurred to me..................

marie on 8/03/05 at 18:14 (179907)

So do I get to push the button for fun? I already read all the posts. No need to explain. I decided to look at it from both points of view......and all I came up with was I think Scott has done a very good job at building and making a place like this for us to hang out. Some message boards require a fee to post. Scott advertises here and sells foot stuff so we can have this cool place. Now Julie has had an awful lot of good advice and I have her book. I can tell you it's great. Buy it all of you!

Now can I push the dang button????? pleeeeeeeeeeeez! :)

Re: To Linda

Ralph on 8/03/05 at 18:59 (179910)

Hi Linda,
To change the subject a bit what is a 'slam book'? I went to a small high school and it sounds like we missed out on this. What did you do with it? Did all the kids in school use one? Was it like a diary?

Re: Slam Books

Kathy G on 8/03/05 at 19:12 (179915)

Interesting, Ralph. I'm 56 and we didn't have them, either. Okay, Linda, you think it's geographical or related to age? What are they, exactly?

Re: Slam Books

marie on 8/03/05 at 23:02 (179933)

Umm I think they where notebooks about people they didn't like.

Sometimes an individual and sometimes a group make entries and then it's passed around. The purpose is to hurt someone.

Re: Slam Books..no one else remember?

LindaV on 8/04/05 at 05:44 (179938)

We had slam books in junior high..ummm...talking about 1968 or so. It was a regular blank spiral bound notebook. Each page had someones name written on it, and yes, it was passed around and people wrote secret anonymous comments on everyone in the book. It was great if you were popular, but downright mean and hurtful to many. VERY forbidden by the school. I was glad when the fad died off....

Re: That thought occurred to me..................

John H on 8/04/05 at 09:53 (179958)

Marie: You sound like a 60's girl in a lovefest. Do you drive a VW bus?

Re: i have an idea...vote to block me?

John H on 8/04/05 at 09:56 (179960)

scottr I vote to keep you. go to bed without your cookies and milk if you want to punish yourself. people at one time would shoot at me on a regular basis and try to kill me. I can deal with anything here and go to bed smiling.

Re: Slam Books

Ralph on 8/04/05 at 09:58 (179962)

Now knowing what they are now and how they were used, I'm glad I never saw them in school.

Re: Slam Books..no one else remember?

Terry on 8/04/05 at 14:57 (179989)

I remember those! I was in junior high school in '68 and my classmates made them as well as myself.

Re: That thought occurred to me..................

marie on 8/04/05 at 19:41 (180018)

Heck NO! I would be driving a jag if I had the money. Alas I don't. I do drive a Tracker. It's half American and half Japanese. So I am driving a multicultural 4wd to go back and forth to work. It's rural and snowy!!! I'm practical.

Re: That thought occurred to me..................

marie on 8/04/05 at 19:45 (180019)

I thought you said I could be in your foxhole! Now you go from me being a fighter to being a 60's girl.......just had to add that. LOL

Re: That thought occurred to me..................

John H on 8/05/05 at 09:26 (180037)

Marie: Actually the Jag and BMW are rated very low on the recent issue of Consumers report.They both break down a lot. Stick with the Lexus