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John H

Posted by Dorothy on 8/03/05 at 19:17 (179917)

This note was posted confusingly by me. So here it is again. It refers to your post about your PT:

She does sound busy. Maybe someday she will have more time and can join in here; sounds like she would be a great addition to the lineup. Glad she is helping you. I do hope that maybe you can find ways to describe what you are doing in your PT work with her in a post here. Might that be a good place to use your digital camera to photog. your work?? I'm probably going too far, aren't I.... but after all, you have shown your feet here before, so the only thing new would be the demonstration of the exercises! :-) Your last sentence there ('I am not cured by any means but found out there are things I can do that I did not think I could do.') is the kind of thing that gives hope and lifts the spirits. May it continue for you...

Re: John H

John H on 8/04/05 at 09:43 (179955)

Great memory Dorothy remembering the pictures of my feet! That must have been several years ago and it was not even the best side of my feet. Yes I will try and take some pictures to show you what I am doing.