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Posted by Dorothy on 8/03/05 at 20:07 (179922)


You wrote a few days ago:

'And 'dorothy' assumes that people have forgotten how she furiously trashed Mike W. herself, I guess.'

This never happened. I cannot let your false statement stand unchallenged because that never happened. I will not engage in any further argument with you because you are not forthright, but you cannot state a falsehood like this about someone else and just let it sit there. It is a false statement, a fabrication.

It is not possible for me to bring up all of the posts that involve my comments pertaining to Foot Trainers and Mike W over the years that I have been here, but if it were possible, they would be overwhelmingly favorable. I hope I've sent business his way because his product helped me and I've certainly tried to recommend his product to fellow sufferers.

The incident you are referring to - when Janice spoke very negatively about the Foot Trainers even though she had no personal knowledge or experience with them and could very well have been discouraging people from trying them - resulted in Janice being offered Foot Trainers gratis by Mike W. She had 'bad mouthed' them and then was going to get free products. Didn't seem right to me. There were many people who hadn't 'badmouthed' the product - again, without her having any personal experience with them - who might have been able to use a free Foot Trainer. Nope, didn't seem right to me. Susan, it still doesn't seem right to me. My only error was in stating my opinion on the subject. I should have stayed out of it. Not because you are in any way correct. You are not in any way correct - but only because it was not really my business.
I recall the incident that you are referring to, but it did not in any way constitute what you are claiming. I took objection to something, just as you so often take object to me, but I did not do what you falsely state. I may be hypersensitive to what I feel is injustice and unfairness and that incident derived from those feelings, from someone being offered a fine reward for being negative and unfair. I have said, and will say again now, that I should have stayed out of that conversation between Janice and Mike W., although I was involved in the discussion otherwise. I often 'spoke up' for the Foot Trainers and recommended them to people, more than anybody else has done, I think.

You have an unpleasant 'beef' with me, Susan, and I am tired of it. You are not going to change and I can't seem to ignore you - so I will just stay away, but I had to clear up this point first because you told a falsehood about me, and I do not like that. You are fortunate in that the 'be nice' rule does not seem to apply to things said to and about Dorothy; consequently, your statement stands.

Your characterization of what happened is false. You should apologize, but I'm sure you won't. You seem very busy generating many short posts about Achilles problems and ESWT lately and soon the 'last 30 posts' from you will look very focused on that one pertinent issue and won't show any of your other posts. Your poster history will look like the model poster. Maybe you are in Public Relations.
This may be galling to you, but as one who actually does have a lot of Achilles problems, I have been reading your posts and Dr. Z's answers and learning from them. I doubt that you intended for me to benefit from your exchange with him.
Good luck to you, Susan. I do hope you feel better in all ways, whether it's the Achilles or your Dorothy problem.