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My First Time Here

Posted by bess on 8/04/05 at 07:22 (179940)

Good morning.

I stumbled across this site doing some [more] research on PF. I'm not quite sure where to post my 6000 questions!

I am working with a podiatrist who has now referred me to a chiropractor. I am also desperate for some sort of relief from the pain I have. Still, I am not entirely convinced either of these docs are on the same page with me or doing the best they can do to treat me.

First, while I do apparently have a lower back 'issue', I have had no back, hip or knee pain associated with my PF. I do have unbelieveable foot, heel and ankle pain. I am not sure how the chiro fits into the mix here. Podiatrist sent me to rule out 'nerve issues' prior to putting me in a cast for the PF - stated, the cast would not work if there was a nerve issue. Chiro doc says that the adjustments will help with the pain but will only (at best) decrease it by 70% at which time I can return to tx with podiatrist.

So, I have chronic, non-responsive soft tissue issues and how exactly does a series of spinal adjustments affect/effect this? Anyone been down this path?

Symptoms started periodically in October - but only after extended periods of being on my feet. Sore feet and heel pain came and went until the first of June when I spent three days managing/organizing a convention event. I spent the month of June buying new shoes, otc orthotics, taking motrin/aspirin, researching the problem, using massage, ice, exercises, and wearing walking shoes. After a month of getting progressively worse, I went to the podiatrist who has been taping me with various temp orthotics to get an Rx for a custom set. I continue to get worse.

Eight years ago, I had an ankle issue that resulted in my ortho doc (at the time) sending me to a neurologist who diagnosed me with a bad perineal nerve and suggested surgery to 'clip' the nerve. I got a second opinion and was told all I needed was a shot of cortisone - which I did - and which worked. Two years later, I got another shot when my ankle flared up and again it worked. Two years later, the same thing. This year, on the two year anniversary, the ankle was fine, so no shot. However, I am now dealing with PF.

I have very high arches and have been wearing cork orthotics since the ankle issue 8 years ago (in my walking shoes - at least 3x/week). I also have issues with pronation and a long history of orthopedic injuries.

All in all, this is very confusing and I am coming up short on finding info on exactly how chiropractics can alleviate PF pain. I am in so much pain that some days, I just come home and cry. I have had to hire out my housekeeping and lawn care because I simply cannot do those things.

The pain gets worse as regular as clockwork between 2-3pm each day. From that point forward, nothing relieves it and it progressively gets worse. I have explained to both doctors that I go from sore, to hurt, to pain over the course of the day. I do have morning pain but it is of the 'sore' nature. Mid morning I get around best during which time, no activity falls in the 'sore' category, moderate movement just hurts. Then mid afternoon, I hit the pain. By evening, I am incapacitated by it.

Thoughts and support are welcome.

Cheers, Bess

Re: My First Time Here

John H on 8/04/05 at 09:30 (179953)

Bess: You may have issues here beyond what a Chiropractor or Podiatrist might treat. I would make an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle surgery. He would also be knowledgable in back problems as they might relate to your feet. Some people who go into cast for a number of weeks come out worse than when they went in. Sounds like no one has really diagnosed your problem. Your symptoms do sound very much like PF. Has anyone x-rayed for heelspurs? Do you have 'first step' pain when you first get up? What kind of shoes do you wear durning the day? Read Scott's book on feet on this web site to familiarize yourself with PF so you can ask the right questions when you next see the Doctor. Were your previous shots for PF or something else? Do you take any anti-inflamatories? Good luck.

Re: My First Time Here

Kathy in Ky on 8/04/05 at 17:18 (180000)

I would definitely recommend the chiropractor. After having PF for about 6 years I had tried all the recommended treatments, including wearing orthotics, having shots & wearing a walking cast for about 6 weeks. I went to our local chiropractor last summer & I was about 90% better within 6 treatments. She used a combination of ultrasound therapy, electronic stimulation & deep tissue massage plus I started taking flaxseed oil & Vitamin B complex supplements. Just be sure to get some good walking shoes like New Balance & Birkenstocks, those also help.

Re: My First Time Here

bess on 8/04/05 at 20:24 (180023)

Thanks for the responses.

I have been wearing NB shoes with orthotics for 8 years - trying to prevent problems. (I also wear Danskos, Areosoles, Rockports and Dr. Scholls sometimes too - always good shoes only).

Both the pod and chiro have dx'd chronic PF (and yes, I do have a spur, and 'reciprocal tendonitis') but the chiro thinks that the constant pain (vs. just a.m. pain - or initial standing pain) is due to the lower spine issues - so I do plan on sticking to it. My chiro says I can expect 50-70% pain reduction in 4 weeks and will then have a straight spine suitable for effective casting of the foot.

I have read the book here and even though I have been taking assorted supplements I am looking into the anti-inflamatory diet now too. That sounds way better than eating ibuprofen like candy!

Today really was a better day for me - maybe the adjustment. I was ambulatory today!

And, I'm glad I found this site. It has been very frustrating and lonely dealing with this. No one else in my life seems to understand the intensity of the pain I have been dealing with - or how discouraging this is to deal with.

Best Regards, Bess

Re: My First Time Here

John H on 8/05/05 at 09:24 (180036)

Initial standing pain or as better known 'first step pain' upon getting up in the morning is a primary sympton of plantar fasciatitis. I would get an opinion from a Podiatrist on this issue before obtaining a cast. Some people get worse with a cast. Sounds like you are a good candidate for a Night Splint. Ask your Podiatrist.