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Cavus deformity

Posted by john king on 8/04/05 at 07:45 (179941)

What is a cavus deformity? The VA pod said I had that problems with both feet.

Re: Cavus deformity

Larry Huppin, DPM on 8/04/05 at 11:59 (179977)

Simply said, it is a very high arched foot. Arch height is a bell curve and some just ahve a higher arch. Some neurological problems can lead to a cavus foot over time. People with cavus feet often have increased pain under the ball of the foot and heel as those areas bear too much weight. Some also have problems with ankle sprains.

Re: Cavus deformity

john king on 8/04/05 at 12:54 (179978)

I have the Cavus thing so I guess that makes PF worse as well, according to the VA.