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Anyone hear about this story on the news???

Posted by Lindsay on 8/04/05 at 10:21 (179966)

I was watching the news last night and heard this sad, yet happy story about a woman named Susan Torres. This woman was 26 years old, had some sort of cancer and had a stroke due to the cancer and was pronounced brain dead. The woman was pregnant when the stroke occured, and they kept her on life support so the child would live. The woman was on life support for 3 months, and her baby was born Tuesday, 2 months early, and is doing good. How wonderful is that, that they could keep this baby alive. I just thought this it was interesting story, had anyone else seen it??

Re: Anyone hear about this story on the news???

Ralph on 8/04/05 at 10:48 (179971)

Saw the same news story and your right what a beautiful story and happy ending for a very sad situation. I hope the baby continues to do well. I think it was very premature.

As a husband and father, I can't even imagine the pain that this man, father, and devoted husband went through. Truely a remarkable human being.
Without modern medicine this certainly wouldn't have been possible yet the cost must be staggering.

Re: Anyone hear about this story on the news???

marie on 8/04/05 at 11:14 (179974)

That's why they call it 'the miracle of modern medicine'.