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New problem developed

Posted by Ralph on 8/04/05 at 13:41 (179983)

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts about a new problem I've developed since last Friday. I thought it would go away, but it just seems to be getting worse.

Background, I have been diagnosed with P.F. and have not been able to wear any orthotics. I use a good running shoe. I wear night splints, tape my arches and do Julie's yoga stretches. My P.F. pain has gone down from what it used to be.

Since Friday though all of my toes on my left foot hurt. The pain is located on the bottom of each toe making walking difficult and creating more pain than my P.F. right now. It's located under each toe at the tip, but not on the tip. The fatty little part below the toe. After I've walked a while that area turns colors like it's badly irritated.

I have plenty of room in my running shoes so I'm not hitting the end of the shoe. The pain began with the middle toe and now includes all of them including my big toe.

When walking I hit the floor with my heel first and when I get to the push off with my toe, bingo lots of pain under my toes but only in my left foot.

My running shoe is suppose to help pronators and the heel of the shoe is designed slightly higher toward the inside of my foot. These shoes do not have the lift on them that my Ortho ordered for my lower back. They are just a N.W. 766.

I don't know if the pain is caused by my running shoe because I've had them for a while now and the same pain also occurs when I switch to my business/dress shoes. The pain occurs when my toes grab. Any ideas why this would suddenly start or what could be the cause of it?