alank's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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I got PF from a flu.
thanks wendyn
diet and exersize
exersize vs. rest
knee exersize.
can I sue my stupid doctor?
not should I, but can I
The exersizes that help/helped you.
Gordon's diet
Qigong/ Chi Kung: without standing?
twinge-- still trying to decide about TTS
me too: did they charge you?
daypro is gunk
the reason
I would like to know your symptoms too
my first time laughing on this board
thanks-- more helpful info here
NSAIDs and Yeast
MRI-- tts advice anyone?
Offer: my honor for treatments
thanks-- does anyone disagree?
why the MRI?
Re: Hand pain !!!!!!!!!
You got your order-- tell us how it works
my short experience with prednisone
birkenstock footprints
Vioxx and celebrex and bromelain
stretching devices: any recommendations?
My program (plus breath flow pointer)
why not supposed to ice the feet?
attitude toward discipline
too much dorsiflexion is dangerous
more info on pneumatic air cast?
no yoga for me at the moment
never mind-- I see (sorry for wasting space)
black gooey stuff-- can anyone identify it?
or has anyone tried?
debbie-- I may try
my second time laughing on this board
increasingly skeptical: TTS
baxter nerve is interesting
don't know about scar tissue
Re: Relief !!: throbbing at night can be PF?
questions about tts (sorry for so many)
where is the tingling?
that is classic tts, as far as I know
some concerns about the message board
to Wendy
need ossatron expert to answer questions
let us know how it goes with the osteopath
stretching exersizes?
possible food/pain link
diet advice
hidden gluten
important point
what is dangerous about DMSO?
not at all!
has anyone tried acupressure
one week with Pilates performer
I can't find that page: Nancy, Nicole
negative on emg
get cracking
Ossatron experts please answer!
acupuncture advice?
Re: yoga advice: plus a little known stretch
one more thing
To Janet and ossatron experts
Re: Noats, the shoes from HELL!!
review: thumbs up (no message)
on surgery: to john h
pain level and podiatrist
Please identify surgery
bromelain information
Neuropathy Foot Cream
more info-- and call for research
ankle braces
right by my arch
need to explore more options
what is plantar fibromatosis? (no message)
article on b-12 deficiency
What is De Quer syndrome? And ON POSTING
tell us right away what they say
oh no here he comes, the difficult patient
onset of B-12 symptoms
cortisone shot
try to see about compensation
that was a good one
agent orange
what is spinning?
pay for me!
it took me a second
two cents (no need to respond)
ankle exersizes and weak ankles
Re: Eureka-- please explain
thanks! (eom)
Re: shots
Re: shots: to laurie
mri and pf
sorry and nobody hold your breath
hey wendy how's yoga going?
Strasburg Sock AND Night Splint
VickyJ is right
primate and human feet
our pain status
irony is hard to read on message boards
good question
salina, she meant chronic not acute
birks and posting
where do you get the strongest magnets? (eom)
get rest
scott's search the internet link
you may be right, and some more therapy ideas
stretching devices
yes, and strengthening too
oops-- side of desk
note: see a neurologist
makes sense
The ROMANCE period of exercise
barefoot in the shower a no-no
I had this test/shot done
birk boots disappointing
If only we had hooves
My real name is Jack Farmer
apology to Mike W
what makes you think?????????
taping for tts?
what forum dd?
pilates performer
WATCH OUT: tingling, numbness and exercise
here, here
acupuncture and traditional healing
shower shoes and question for Kim B.
have you tried birks?
Fine, thanks for asking, and massage info
what's helped
meditation and inner smile
nothing there
Re: Shelby
i.e. the floor
that was me
warning signs
Thai Massage
Thai Massage-- this message worked
mine is neon green!
ba-dum-bum (eom and sorry)
No limits to the questions
Re: hypothyroid as a cause
ankle brace-- for dfeet
Re: Theraband (long, sorry)
careful with horse medicine
any atypical sufferers still out there?
why you can get better without stretching
what does scar tissue feels like?
overdoing foot strengthening exercises
answer to dfeet, tts and exercise
to Nancy S: heel cord relaxer
morning pain
up in the morning
message board
can't use ultrasound forever
achilles 2: possible problems with Birks!
tts and exercise
one note about Dr. Roth
john h's surgical foot
finding springstep shoes
one more piece in tts/pf puzzle
scott: still a huge lag
nobby sandals discovery
massage sandal caution
hope for tarsal tunnel syndrome sufferers
strengthening and stretching, yoga questions
fixate on pleasure and progress
that was crucial info Bill!!!
smelly feet and birks
Finally My Product is Out and Website Up
info for contrast baths
idea about the new board
to Beverly and on Acu-Flex fashion
what is a tts setback?
Okay now I have some criticisms
Free accomodations for ESWT Orthowave trial
birk question for Nancy S and Dr. Beihler
ten years to get better-- am I crazy?
To Leanne-- on hepatitis
capcaicin creme and to Kim B.
AcuTai Massage Yoga manual free On-line
anyone tired Nike Shox?
Feedback on AcuTai massage?
sorry, I've been away...
Thanks-- I have some ideas now
pauline-- jade ingredients
ask me again-- Brian?
methylcobalamin for nerve pain/damage
NST does look a lot like Thai Massage
Acu-Flex availability
trigger point vs. prolotherapy injections
The answer to the Economics problem
chronic PAIN management-- and for Henry C