bobg's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Thanks, Wendyn! Cool, eom
Happy to walk again...
Been treated successfully
Everybody's different
Pain after night splint
I want to run, too!
Little things can help big time
Gentle Stretching
Good suggestion
Comfortable Night Splint
Nancy and the Board
How long does it take?
Thank you, all!
Success Story
Best Wishes, Becky! E.O.M
Re: back to the nightsplint
Re: Suggestion
Barefoot in the sand
Re: Straight leg and bent knee
Re: To Robin, Nancy, and fellow PF sufferers eom
Re: Uncomfortable nightsplint
PF Humor
Success Story
Contraction Reaction
More PF Humor
Re: New Balance
Good horse sense! eom
Anomaly is like having two left feet. eom
Keep the Faith
Pedorthist consultation a good move
Just a thought
Re: Answers to Questions
Tennis is your racket
PF Frustrations
Wonderful to hear your success, Patty! eom
Re: San Luis Obispo Pedorthist
Re: Optomistic Future
Re: Spam
I learned the hard way
I like John B's suggestions
Re: Stair stretch
Nightspint is good
Pool Party
It may not work for you
The Rolling Stones
Re: Connections
As fast as I can! ;) eom
Ready to try something different?
Encouragement for PF sufferers
Call it Superstition
A Night Splint Story
Blonde PF Sufferers
Making ends meet
Hope this helps
Getting over pain...
Podiatist's Window: Time wounds all heels
A Quick and Easy Foot Massage
NightSplint Sales
A quick and easy way to lose weight
Heel Pain
Punch the Monkey and Win $20
Be Gone
Time wounds all heels
Wellness Tips We Can Learn From A Dog
Strongest Man had PF and sill won.
Three Orthos in a Pod...
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Still Pain-free
Pain is back
In and Out of Pain
NightSplint named Athetis
Give your feet the day off :)
Photo Mania
Had to amputate, sorry
Moleskin Memories
Thanks, Scott! Beautiful! :) eom
Birkenstok FubBett arch supports
Judy: Don't worry, you did good!
A gentle stretch of the imagination...
When is a pun not a pun?
Where am I?
Where'd that post go?
Doctors and Puns, or Puns and Doctors
Get off my lake!
Keeping weight off
Give them a REST
Pink Slippers
The Lawyer had Heel Pain, too
Success Story
A Quick and Easy Foot Massage
To Salina
Continued Success in Recovery
Recovery still in progress
Glorious Sunrise
Continuing Success Story
Success Story
Two years without pain
Fish oil
How to lose weight :)
A $5 question related to Heel Pain :)
Winning against heel pain
View on Aging
A True Story
My opinion
Just trying to catch up on his sleep.
time for a joke
Farmer meets a city slicker
heel pain
Really sick pun
Tax time
View on Aging
What I would do knowing what I know now
Social Support
Dorothy, come back!
Math, of course
Generous reward for shaggy dog
Pain free for years
Giant generator compared to a foot
Biker joke
Happy Feet
Seems to be getting worse
Favorite Movies
Taping question
I am confused
For Kate
Sneaker recommendations?
Can PF get worse?
NEW problem - I hope not.
Grab a calculator
This world is in chaos
First things first
Politics stimulate thought
Limeric for Scott
Why hate the US?
Why hate the US?
PFers in common
The China Study
What do you get?
One vote to cast