briang's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Anesthesia question - OssaTron
Contacting the FDA
ESWT question
An answer from Hiz Honor, Rudy G
Glitch at Jade trial report?
WNBA - Tamecka Dixon's heels
Where are the doctors ?
SSD test case for PF
Not for me
? for Wendyn
Looking for KimB
Round #1 goes to Social Security.
For Dr. Ed Davis,
Good luck, Janet S.
OssaTron Anesthesia ?
Enroute to Woodbury, NJ
The healing has begun !!
VP Dick Cheney on crutches
For Joe S
My wait is over, thankfully :*)
Siemens Sonocur approval, Dr. Davis ?
Regis has PF !!
A.D.A. Workers rights
For Suzanne :*)
Ann-Marie, we care !
Ann-Marie, how did it go?
Carmen, stay safe!!!!
Interesting book review on pain
Suzanne, I think you'll like this one.....
Amy, did you get home OK?
Marshall Faulk still out !!
A visit to the doctor
OssaTron question
It's time, for another joke :*)
Dr. Rompe reports on ESWT placebo effects
ESWT for tennis elbow, the OssaTron
Pain meds of the future ??
Chicago conference ??
Pain meds, helpful information
For Tammie
Vioxx before ESWT ??
2nd Dornier Epos treatment
ESWT, after failed surgery ?
Preception of Pain, another study
Nitric Oxide better than ESWT ?
Hypnotism for pain, anyone try it ??
JohnH, airshow & a B-17
For Lari S
Graston Technique
A few good ones
Please help !!!
Dr. Z, 1 year for pain relief ?
Image-guided surgery ??
A little humor, for the teachers and mommies
A new type of pain med, from snails !!
New method of pain control
Good news, generic OxyContin is now approved
Google advertising ?? ScottR
Comfrey salve ??
Coma Cure, for RSD ???
Coma Cure for RSD ?
FOR: Judy M, Ketamine treatment
Thank you Veterans !
YANNI re: nine months to triathalon
YANNI: stay away from the podiatrists!!!!
TO: Brian G
Athletes with PF
SDO Trial
Weekly SDO reort
SDO Trial Report, 5-7-07
SDO Trial Report - 5-15-07
SDO Trial Report, 5-29-07
SDO Report - 6-14-07
Concluding Comments of the SDO Trial
Thermotex Infrared Heating Pad
For: Jenny S