buckt's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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safe stretching for PF
breaking in orthotics
Fabrifoam pronation spring control
EWST and medicare or insurance
Ice or heat?
Preference for ESWT machines?
Finding dornier in Texas?
Basic questions about dornier
Safe hamstring and calf stretches?
EWST as followup to surgery
Question for Richard, CPed
Who determines orthotics>
ESWT and post orthotics
Fitting orthotics? for Richard, C.Ped
Night splines and cramps?
Question for Richard, CPed
Another question for Richard, C.Ped
massaging the tarsel areas?
stretched too much again for pf
Careful with yoga if you've had pf surgery
Doctors in Texas
To Dr. Zuckerman--steriods & ESWT
Michael K pain management question
Asking doctors for help with pain
To one week post ESWT
To Ron T. about working in PT
To Larry T -- working in PT clinic
Julie -- what was your regime to combat pf?
To Julie about yoga
What id dorsiflexion?
To Julie again about yoga
T To Ron B about yoga
Water exercises for pf?
Good tennis shoes for pf?
Brooks shoe website?
To Julie about e-mail
Martha Stewart
To the doctors about stretching
To the doctors about expectations
Orthotics causing forefoot pressure?
Pf switching back and forth?
Flareup after ESWT normal?
To Steve about metatarsel pads
Injections to reduce scar tissue?
Using ionophoresis after ESWT?
To Julie about massaging scar tissue
On line pharmacies?
Fitting orthotics to shoes
To Michael
Graduation day for a pf-er!
Richard: soft or hard orthotics?
Buck T. to Buck
Other non weight bearing pf stretches
Use of wedge in nightsplints?
New micro-processor in shoe's arch
What's up with Julie?
To Richard about shoes
Drs Z, Ed and Zuckerman -- PF stretching?
Birkenstocks with soft footbeds?
EVA for orthotics --- Richard?
Brooks Beast -- for Richard
Found your orthotic posts Richard
The right PT after ESWT or surgery
To Richard-- great new orthotics
Could wife be having a nueroma?
To Richard: Brooks shoes
FEMA made my PF worse
Effects from pain
Texas storm
Texas storm 2
To SuzyD about swimming
To Julie
To Richard: A good neutral midsole?
Brooks Addiction -- good neutral shoe?
Shoes and foot problems
Question for Dr. Z
Dr. Z followup
To Jan P from Buck T
To John H about Ken Lay
Dr. Klipper -- your foot massage question
orthotics fitting different shoes differently
To Jeremy: Shoes fitting shape of foot?
the enemy
cryotec in Ausin area?