carolynf's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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compounding ibuprofen question to the Docs
to ESWT or not to ESWT that is the question
Worse after ESWT?
Both feet ESWT
Back to work after ESWT
How is Mar doing after ESWT?
Considering ESWT in N.J.?
question for Dr. Z.
the best new balance for PF???
great birkenstocks for the shower!!!!!!!!
Dr. Zuckerman a question 4 U
Wish me luck!!!
How is Mar today?
Good Black Sneakers
Question for doctors?
2nd ESWT today
2nd ESWT yesterday
Great Doc for ESWT on East Coast.
Loose rubberband feeling in Fascia?
Part 3 ESWT today.
3rd ESWT yesterday
tape for taping?
what kind of tape for taping?
How is MAR today??????????