cindyp's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Now I am torn...
Does this sound right?
Poor Doctor
Pain levels.
Today was the day.
Recovery within 4 - 6 months?
Sorry made a typo ooppsssss
What about the long term sufferers?
i found out
Well my question now is...
What does atrophy in the foot mean?
Another waste of my time
Now I want to know this
Ever had lipstick on your foot?
Well the days are getting more lovely
Never heard of this one.
The total story
YIppeeee I graduated....
What else is there?
How am I doing?
Questions, nerve blocks?
What I am wondering?
So now I am trying this....
When does Dr. Zuckerman come back?
My last group of questions...
I think I have mentally given in...
Instead of pictures of ourselves?
Last Night
RSD? Another question?
Heard lots about the eswt, would it help?
Tomorrow is the big day.
I am either going to sue or jump
So what happens now...
So after 3 days
Dame fortune has smiled on me today.
Something I dont understand?
So I talked to the anesthesiologist today
How soon is too soon?
Over the years
I got an appt.
Maybe it's just me....
Well another round of nonsense.
Is this possible?
Well yesterday
So I went to see Dr. Quill
So now I wonder...
K So I spoke to the dr. again
Dr. Zuckerman I have one question...
Is Something going wronger?
Well I have had some scary news...
Cause for concern?
This is all the fun stuff they have planned.
What is a synovectomy?
Okay got a partial answer will ask again.
So Let's try on this board
I have been thinking....
what's wrong with the board
I think I can safely say today is the worst
Okay one question
The biopsy results are in
Two weeks post op
Two weeks later.....
My question is this
Asking this again
Here may be a weird one?
my one question is this dr. z.
Five months as of yesterday
After six months
Dr. Z. or anyone else
I am not trying to complain really I'm not
Can an injection cause tarsal nerve pain
kathy g, thanx for your very kind words.
greetings from the PF problem child...