darlene's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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I give up, will go for another shot
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Nerve Decompression Surgery
Mayo Clinic of Feet
New Orthotics - Balls of feet tingling
A Technical Question about Orthotics
The Cortisone Controversy
More on Cortisone
What if you suspect tts, but no diagnosis
Vicious Cycle
How to Kill a Nerve
Burning on Balls and Heels of Both Feet
New Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine
Dr. Z. - Foot Freezer vs. Alcohol
Dr. Deland
Burning Balls and Toes
Dr. Goldstein at Foot Freezer
Doctors what do you think?
Dr. Z.
Foot Freezer Questions
Dr. Davis and Dr. Z.
Some Information on Neurograms
Patient Research Foot Freezer
More on Foot Freezer Dr. Z.
Preparing for Post Surgery Care
Morton's Neuroma excision - Doctors?
Morton's Neuroma excision - Doctors?
Post Surgery Sandals
Doctors - I forgot 2 things
Neurontin in Transdermal Format
Doctors - Enlarged muscle in tarsal tunnel
Tinnels sign and neuronton questions
Cam Walker
Dr. Z.
Neuroma Excision - From the top or bottom?
Recovery and repair in nerves
Dr. Wander, Dr. Ed, Dr. Z.- Bledsoe Brace
Tarsal Tunnel and Cold Feet
Ultrasound Guided Injections
Tarsal Tunnel Alternatives
How to E-mail fellow posters
A Question for Julie - Inversion Tables
Sharing some information on MRI equipment
Results of Nerve Testing
Orthotic for TTS
Interesting website with tts research papers
Clarification on "Releases"
Doctors - Confusing MRI Interpretations
Doctors - Dropped Met Head Question
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Dr. Sammarco
John H
A New Kind of Orthotic
Treatment of Scar Tissue
Doctors - A Few Questions
Knee Pain
Denise - Question about HSS
Dr. Wander, Dr. Ed, Dr. Z. - Medical Records
Plantar fasciitis and tarsol tunnel
Post Op Shoes
Getting Stitches Out
Phonophoresis for TTS
My PT's Approach to TTS
Interesting website on TTS testing
Altered Gait and TTS symptoms
13yo achilles pain
Injection--- more information
injection - follow-up to Dr. DSW
Dr. DSW- injections follow-up
Thank you Dr. DSW!