dayna's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Heal your foot yourself?
Flat feet vs high arches
You asked for it - flame alert
How long should an orthotic last?
Re: A way with words
Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.
Re: Unceasing ache?
You found the right place
I'm sending you an email
The Support of Friends and Fellow Sufferers
Cortizone shot. No Way Jose!
I agree, calf muscle is involved ...
Agree with Bea for the most part
a few answers
I'll try, would like some more info please.
Don't scare me like that!
For what it's worth
Not all doctors are clueless about PF
Duck feet too
second reply, the first one disappeared
Repeated since two posters mentioned it
My by now (in)famous suggestion
be my guest
Why water helps
Pity party kit explained
for Alicia and Rebecca
Right on DaNita, my PF got me fired ...
Welcome to the world of managed care and HMOs
How do you get classified as 'disabled'?
Foot removal
Fred makes a good point, but ...
Warning, controversial