drz's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Why the need for ESWT
Calling all Sherlock Holmes pf posters
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Dr. A
United Healthcare Insurance
Experience does matter !!
Hi Tony
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John H.
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Dr. Ed
Dr. Z away for the next 10 days.
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New ESWT coverage in Delaware
Ok lets the bad news
Summar of APMA article ( fasciosis)
Just for Pauline.
I just receive this maybe helpful
orthoshockwave consultants
I am bad. Anything exciting happen
Never forget
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I haven't left just going away for 10 days
Empire Medicare Covers ESWT
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taking a short vacation-
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New Moderator Dr. Z
I delete the entire thread
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Pauline: Dr. Z needs help
Neuroma Decompression procedure.
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ESWT/Surgical evaluation
Orthowave FDA trial
Question for Dr. Sandell or any one
plantar fasciites
DR. Z on vacation for two weeks
How to get rid of heel pain immediately !!!!
Dr. Ed -did you receive my fax number ?
To Pauline:
Christopher Zingas MD
ESWT and failed pf surgery
cryotherapy and TTS Any help Dr. Wishnie?
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Dr. Pearl Question
Blue Shield Tech reports what else
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Botox A for pf pain
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Wishing to buy Dornier Epos Ultras
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Obama web site
I am offering $249,000
Obama has plantar fasciitis
Dr. Z makes history- this one is great.
ESWT for Achilles tendinosis
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Hammer Toes & In Grown Tonails
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