drzuckerman's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Re: Mike W. Need to get personal trainer
Going to Europe to visit the ESWT doctors
Personal Trainers from Mike W.
Orbasone Patient Survey
Orbasone Patients Survey
Orbasone Patient Survey
An idea for beverly
I want a vote from this board.
Cyro-cuff- great for icing and foot pain
post- three weeks orbasone patient
New Doctor on this site- Dr. Kent Biehler
New Doctor on Site- Dr. Kent Biehler
ESWT progress reports.
Orbasone survey
Message for Mathew Lerner
Cyrocuff after surgery and or pain
patient satisfaction vs. ESWT satisfaction
Duane E- Could i see your picture
MIS surgery after ESWT treatment
What problems does heel spur surgery address.
Hypnosis for heel pain
ossatron focal point of energy.
How about making this a topic board.
Let's give this a chance.!!!
Let's give this a chance.
Dr. Biehler
John H. could fly me around the country
Opinions on to do this.
Orbasone lotto- update.
First Book out on Shockwave Therapy
Cindy P I looked your MRI today.
Orbasone Lotto
problems with mesage board.
We have a winner- orbasone lotto
Sorry put the winner on the wrong board.
Does any one know Mary
I miss Dr. B
Funny just a coincidence!!
Lasers can't be used for heel spur surgery
WOW did I miss this discussion
Sorry Jimbo- I missed your pain.
Jay and stretching.
ESWT high energy and non yes anesthesia
Does your insurance pay for ESWT???
Welcome Dr. Reid
Would you please comment on my thinking
What is the ossatron treatment at the f2
Let makes some new rules for doctors
Looking for a new ESWT coordinator
New method for entering. Dr. Z lotto
We have the two winners.
Video patient is completely painfree
ESWT in Diabetes
ESWT and US Health Care.
Dr. Z's ESWT lotto time again.
Dr.. Z lotto winner is Brad Atlas
Dr. David Wander is my neighbor.
Please don't think that I am crazy ESWT $1200
I am hiding from Pauline
A different method to keep taping dry.
April lotto time we have two winner's
My motives about in office ESWT. by Dr. Z
Longer then the 12 weeks.
One year one month post-ESWT: Pain free
Does anyone know when Julie is coming back.
orbasone treats million baseball players.
New treatment for heel pain
I want to repeat Dr.Z mission statement
Dr Z's April lotto winner
Help me
To all ESWT doctorsI have a suggestion.
We are here to help you
I take ESWT progress reporting very seriouly
Great news for ESWT if you live in Alaska
Clarification for $500 ESWT-Ossatron pricing
Do trolls how heel spurs.????
76 ers rule !!!
Podiatry Today Magizine article on heel pain
June lotto winner.
Sneakers with a spring
I am back and it's July lotto time again
ossatron in New Jersey
Agu ESWt lotto winner
Out to lunch !!! Vacation time
Code for ESWT
How to handle Bin Laden
Christmas Time is near so lets help !!
Dornier FDA approved for PF today
Who owes the company Dornier ???
Dornier epos visits Dr. Z in South Jersey
going away for a ten days
Ossatron Training-beware
Help John H
Dr. Z has the Dornier EPOS
The Epos just rolled past me
Dornier EPOS
We need to talk about results.
High energy study. from this board
Brian G.
off for a few days. going away
Welcome Dr. Kahn- and thank you
Carolyn F are you alive and well.
I need help with orthosis subject
Why Dr. Z treats heel pain. ))))))))
Terrible TTS results.
I have to take a break from heelspurs.com
To: Elvis/ Hupppin
Machine comparison
Koby procedure - Dr. Osler
For Todd
Interesting new ESWT long term long up
this is a test
Successful ESWT stories
So Judy, Ralph
Anyone ever visited this podiatrist? Judy?