elise's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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I commiserate
Any connection between PF and Lymes' disease
Re: Ice to relieve swelling and inflamation
Re: P.T. Warning
Found a shower shoe I can wear
Exercise technique
Any suggestions for pain in arch?
work from home or would be on disability
Message to John
Glad to hear the good news!
question about Gait Study
I also wear Sideout sandals!
question about calcium
Handicapped parking tag
Handicapped parking sticker
question about dosage to Scott
strengthening exercises
Thanks -Re: strengthening exercises
Night splints helped me with night pain
Also developed tendonitis - ultrasound helped
Wolky's are helping me too
My store is in Broomall, PA
Just came back from DisneyWorld
Disney rents wheelchairs and electric carts!
PF replaced by tendonitis
also had emg (nerve conduction) tests
Re: Softer shoes with inserts made by Birk
numerous tendonitis/ inflammatory conditions
Another question about Morton's Neuroma
Heel Pain Still
Post surgery recovery