ellenj's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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stretching without re-injuring
stretching OK for Posterior Tibial problems?
PF and sole wear patterns
I found some icing information
How important are x-rays?
Celebrex dosage
indoor bicycle trainers
note to Rachel
info on forefoot varus and other foot types
confused about what I should do re; orthotics
topical anti-infammatory-any such thing?
use care with crutches...
Can some painkillers delay healing?
Z-coil shoes--anyone ever heard of them?
Is a biomechanical exam standard?
would a stiff hip be connected to my P.F?
Pain-free walking but can't progress further.
Yoga questions
what does a chiropractor / kenesiologist do?
shoe question
Custom Birk insoles--where can we get them?
Does Yoga require warming up first?
some causes of trigger points/muscle cramps
Do other p.f. sufferers have transient pains?
more info on Plantar Fasciitis
Do TENS machines help heal?
wearing "flip-flop" type sandals
study re; high arches in the army
Can ankle and foot ligaments be strengthened?
hi everyone
Caffeine and fluid retention?
Idea for runners with P.F.