helenem's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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I'm interested!
Is the plantar fascia supposed to stretch?
Anyone with a high-arched foot have surgery?
Lori, have you improved from the surgery? EOM
Magnets worked for me!
To BJC: What exactly is thickened fascia? eom
My health plan will not cover Vioxx for PF
Thank you, John a
Does a pedorthist require a prescription?
To Rick Re: Interdigital Neuroma
My predicament - Need advice - Please help!
Thank you all very much for your advice! EOM
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Physical therapy - need advice!
Proteolytic enzymes & question for Robin
Does TENS promote healing?
My doc says stretch/My PT says don't stretch
Cross-Friction massage
Driving with PF
Question for high-arched people
Birks vs. a raised heel
Tenderfeet, your post hit home with me
Cortisone injections for TTS?
What exactly is thickened fascia?
Foot & ankle MRI
Self - taping
Medrol dose pack for TTS?
TTS symptoms have put my life on hold
Cortisone injection
How do you select a neurologist?
Tarsal tunnel incision
PF more prevalent in U.S.?
To Donna: your ART chiro
To Donna: regarding ART
Vioxx & Celebrex in the news
To Donna: ART N.Y. drs./insurance/etc.
Foot adjustments - chiropractic question
shoes for plantar faschiatis