kate's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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last chance for ESWT lotto!!
Last chance for the ESWT Lotto!
Last chance for the ESWT Lotto!
How are my patients feeling?
We have a winner !
We have a winner!!!!!!!!!
We have a winner!!!!!!!!
ESWT post treatment results needed
I've never been more shocked!
Judy, you have a point about attitude.......
Dr. Z I have a question
Heal pain
Hi Pete
heelspur pain
swollen foot
slow healing bunion surgery
pain, and lots of it!
PTT surgery
Are heals "ok"
Starting to get nervous - already!
Just 4 days until surgery #9
Spousal support
Re-do release is over and done with
Karen - Your neck surgery is coming up soon!
One week post op
The very first Tarsal Tunnel Theme Song!
Lindy and Karen - time for you to check in!
My turn to whine....
This could be helpful?
Possible Chrisman-Snook 2 weeks away
TT Pain Free Day - a declaration!
I think that I am starting to get nervous
The first TT Pain Free Day was a success
All systems are go for Monday surgery
Alive and well after surgery #10
Would a doc please read this?
What color cast should I get tomorrow?
Today is PFF - Pain Free Friday
Michelle - I'm not ignoring you
Question for the doctors
Want to join my club: It stinks to be me?
to james e
I have to tell you all - I'm feeling great!
please excuse typos - vision issues
Vision problems and Lyrica
it's baaaaaack-bilaterally dang it
Bledsoe PF sling-bilateral
#12 is over and healing
Catching up on posting
What else is left?
Wii Fit rules for feet stretching
Hello friends, I'm still alive
I get to meet Michelle tomorrow!
Ball Of Foot Numbness