kathy's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Podiatrist vs Orthopedic
Night Splint Experience
Re: Link between PF and Tendonitis?
Re: why get rid of orthotics?
new therapy for PF
New therapy for PF
An alternative to taping
Spontaneous Recovery???
Re: Yes, the same Kathy...
Weather Connection
Minnesota View
re: other "related pains"
Arizona sounds great!
Looking for Rhonda....
Active Release Technique
WOW, I'm not alone!
Is this possible?
Now it hurts on top!
Looking for answers
have decided on sonorex
topical pain reliever
bone scan
question for David re: sonorex
Where does fascia connect to heel?
Have question for Gina C
ESWT Question.....Looking for answers
Anyone called New York
Hope to head to Chicago soon
New Insoles
last visit with pod.
Last pod. visit today......a bit long, sorry
need information
need one more piece of info on ESWT....Dr. Z
Had appointment with pedorthist today
HMO not making it easy
Movement in heel?
inside of ankle swollen and sore
question for Pauline
Broke but feeling pretty good
anxiously waiting
If it's not one thing it's another
Feet haven't felt this good in a long time
This looks new
Thank you Kate
Made as Heck
Help in Michigan
fixing orthodics
Bursitis of the heel
Retrocalcaneal bursitis
New Balace 854...Hurts
Post surgery for plantar fascia release
PF back with a vengence
Need help locating Noats shoes
Plantar Fasciitis ( I guess!)
I just found out I have a heel spur.....
Found out yesterday I have a heel spur.
Thanks to Barbara
Barbara TX.....The Birks have arrived in Mich
Sorry, One more ? about cherry juice
post heel spur and PF surgery (open)
New Pain in foot
Electroacupuncture VS Acupuncture
bunion surgery
Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?
Walking Cast for Heel Pain
Using a walking cast (cane walker) now
Walking cast for foot pain
Early Retirement from teaching?
Trying something new
Would you recommend?
Easy Spirit shoes
Bextra and ibuprofen combination
Considering SOLES
I'm going in for 2nd PF Surgery! Questions!
plantar facitis
Reoccurrences following ESWT?
Just developed PF - what do I do next????
Cryosurgery Mortons Neuroma
New To TTS