kathyg's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Complete Relief
I've developed heel pain now! (pretty long)
What can I roll my foot on ?
Thank you, Scott!
How often do you see your POD?
An unfeeling arrogant Orthopedic Specialist
For Suzanne - a suggestion
Burning Arches
As I'm making progress, I wonder.....
I spoke too soon!
I used such great self-restraint today!
For Aimee T or anyone else taking magnesium
Where is Julie?
Yesterday wasn't a good day
I'm back from the wedding - and online again!
Question for John h
Note for Nancy S
Article in USA Today, June 5th edition
Sorry our teams lost, Rachel W!
Our robins
For Nancy S in Maine
Are you all having terribly hot weather?
I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow!
Nancy N - about your new Honda
OK - I've really done my feet in!
Carole C - How are you weathering the storm?
Modellista Clogs
For Ellen J.
Rotator Cuff problems
John h - Did you go to the new doctor?
A question about the type of pain PF causes
Thanks for the list, John h!
A question about orthotics
I'm thinking of getting a second opinion.....
Has anyone heard how Kari B is doing?
I want Marshall Faulk's doctor's name!
It happens every Christmas......
For Leon - a continuation of the other thread
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!
Just some rambling
A question about posting
About those jokes...Brian and Barb
To Nancy S
Carole, How is your shoulder?
Suzanne, did you go to the doctor yet?
A question for Scott or anyone else
The "Since your last visit" link
A question for Scott R
To Carole
I won't be posting as much
To Julie
A good book
A pain in the toe
Has anyone tried fish oil supplements?
About these boards....
Credit Card Fraud
To John
Just being silly!
Today was a magnificent day in NE!
To Ellen J
About MRI's and claustrophobia
Ellen J - about those exercises
Amish Country
We're leaving tomorrow morning!
What we northerners consider to be warm
About how people socialize standing up!
Those gray pop-up messages
About night splints
Went to see Rheumatologist....
To Dr. Z - A question about non-tradtional PF
Did you all have a nice weekend?
Sammy Sosa
I went for a walk yesterday!
Does anyone have this pain?
Does anyone know if Sharon is back yet? NM
John, my son got to go to Game 7!
Happy Longest Day of the Year!
I managed to cut my ankle - with a big knife!
Summer is finally here!
Numbness in the calf
For John H
To Bev
This is related to John's post about violence
Something really strange going on at UNH
Question for John h
Re: Neurontin
John and others - Re: Kudzu
For John - Has it been six weeks?
Standing up and socializing
Today is a bad day for me
My internet is working today!
Kristie -- how are things going?
My sister in Annapolis got flooded out
New internet worm
I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!
Man, I have no idea what's going on here!
I have no idea what's going on here.
What I found out today about washing windows
Welcome home, Nancy and Bev!
MSM - Does it cause thirst?
Richard's son should be born some time today!
My experience with MSM
Nancy, How did your Dad do?
Happy Turkey Day to you all!
A cure for Nancy S's insomnia via the Red Sox
Our squirrel proof birdfeeder
Pam S, Bev N, how are you both?
A book for you middle-aged ladies !
Seabiscuit question
What's your favorite Christmas Movie?
I'm thinking of getting a kitten
About all this house organizing.....
To Wendyn
A funny story about computers you talk to
Superbowl Sunday
The Patriots Won the Superbowl!
An update on my sister
Windows Users
1918 Flu Pandemic
Nomar Garciaparra
Questions about Birkenstocks
A question for Richard or any Birk wearers
I'm baack!!
You're not going to believe what I won!
A comment made in a shoe store
Suzanne's Birthday is tomorrow!
I'm off to Pittsburgh tomorrow!
Wendy - How was your trip to Boston?
A question for Richard
How to break in Powersteps
I'm writing a "family history"
Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?
Orthotics for children
Suzanne, about the 27th....
Julie - Have a wonderful time in Crete!
I have carpal tunnel syndrome.....
Offering one kind of orthotics?
Vioxx has been voluntarily withdrawn by Merck
Vioxx has been voluntarily withdrawn
An update on my carpal tunnel syndrome
How sad about Christopher Reeve
New Balance Running shoes?
Football player with PF rushes for 111 yards
The Red Sox Did It!
A great little sentiment
Pain on the top of the foot
Wendyn - How's it going?
Having a bad day after a bad night!
Suzanne - School Uniforms
Happy Thanksgiving!
Holiday Traditions
Drat AOL and Norton!
Wendy - about those smiley faces....
A neat product
A question for our resident European, Julie
Why I think you shouldn't shop at Home Depot
To Julie
Woke up to a broken furnace this morning....
My arthritis woes - sorry it's so long!
What do you think of men dying their hair?
Seeing xrays on CD - Amazing!
Anyone notice that today is 03-04-05?
It's snowing - again
How I view these Boards - not that you asked!
Squeaking Orthotics
Another place you can get a living will
Hey folks, my modem is slowly dying.......
Charles and Camilla and Julie!
I'm Baaack.......
A strange experience at the Mall
"Lost" - not me - the program
We got a new washing machine
What was your first new car?
Going to vist my sister in Annapolis
A humbling experience
Attention: Leopold
Judy S
Hey folks! Happy Summer Solstice!
We went to see Jimmy Buffett again and it was
My daughter's car got hit by a deer!
Carole C - Do you have electricity?
Space Bags
Lance Armstrong
Message for Leopold
A question for Scott R
The Hurricane affects even people in NH
Interesting aside re: Hurricane Katrina
On a light note - Paul McCartney
Exciting time for baseball in these parts
Naming babies
A question about clothes for women
To Gerri
To Suzanne
Pet the Cat
Bad day for a squirrel
Kathy, Suzanne and Marie
A funny story about a five-year-old
Muscle Relaxants - Ralph
A question for ScottR and others re: website
Happiest childhood memory of Christmas?
Happy Holidays to All!
To Richard
Get well, Dorothy!
Best of luck to Judy S
Good reason to use your charge card
Movies - Let's keep it going!
Got my new FootMaxx orthotics
Update on my new orthotics, etc.
Julie, so nice to see your name!
My computer died!
Hi Everyone!
Problems on the Boards
Has anyone noticed how loud ads are on TV?
A little hint about wrinkled clothes
An update on my voice or lack thereof
ScottR- problems with the website
Judy S
What I found out about my vocal cord
Medicare Part D
My jaunt to NC
Political Posts?
Happy 4th of July
Dr. Z, I thought you had been discovered!
Aren't the three days up? ScottR
Good Book
Wild Weather
Totally off topic but I'm happy
You did it, Scott! A political board
Embryonic stem cells
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Scott R
Is anyone as scared as I am?
It is SO hot!
Nerve Conductivity Test
Nerve Conductivity Test
It's Parrothhead Time!
What are Merrell shoes?
To Meg - Great News
Music soothes the soul
Some happy news!
John Kerry
Meg, how are you doing?
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
To Richard
Happy Holidays!
Anyone know how this trick works?
President Ford
Meg, how's it going?
Brian G is not our own, beloved BrianG
Peace Movement hurt by Jane Fonda
Marie, how is your nephew?
To Ralph
We're finally going to get some snow!
Political Board
Bob Woodruff's show
There's one in every group...
A neat tax program that's free!
I'm not going to be posting for a while
About laptops - any suggestions?
It's a Boy!
Don Imus
Why I'll never be asked to join Mensa
Another question about computers
Message to Esther re: Gerd
Buying shoes again
For Heaven's sake, stop it!
It's Suzanne D's birthday!
Thank you, Marie!
TMJ and Acupuncture
morton's neuroma
A unique birthday gift
Medical costs - Who pays?
That stupid wall stretch
Yoshik - Wall stretch
Attention all PF sufferers!
I'm in sunny Florida!
Happy 2008!
The Clinton Duo
Hi All! Obama for President!