larrym's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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More complaints of stolen elections
Terrorism, a non issue nothin to worry about
I may see this documentary
Israel vs Hamas/Hezbollah
Dems taking funds from questionable donors
Real Islamic Heros
no t-shirt for this hero
Hillary exposed
Al-Reuters libs love it
Katrina "victims" victimize Texas
Wilson Plame lie
welfare and labor day
more liberal anti semite baiting
liberal educators and why they hate USA
this is from the daily mail
ABC bows to lib censorship...yay libs
clinton sicks lawyer to stop program
Great site arab reaction to 9-11
air america to declare bankruptcy
Tom Harkin Dem...what a fool
1000 clerics from the religion of peace said
Rice answers Clinton
Dick Morris on Clintons act
this is how dems handle their pedos
Top 10 dems and how they were handled
Possible fake blog to get Foley??
More democrat anti semitism
Connection between korea, clinton and nukes
McCain puts Hillary in check
UH-OH Sandy Burglar document thief
Dem leader caught slimey land deal
shocking censorship must stop
Large dem supporter funds terror
Dem leader Reid, yet another ethics slip
BUSTED: democrat traitor
Anoter liberal wants to stifle free speech
Appeasing muslims gets you this
Toning it down: Best Bob Hope movie line
Some muslim love for the ladies
Pompous Kerry insults soldiers
Pompous Kerry insults soldiers
I guess McCain mad at Kerry also
Dean says Kerry made a "blooper"
These soldiers support kerry
Kerry's LAME apology, as expected
Opps Kerry did it again
Dems trade shots for votes
Hamas says vote for dems (this is no joke)
Kennedy helped soviets in 80 to slam Carter
A look at dangerous Pelosi
I hope they didnt violate his rights
early sign of lib victory
Dems couldnt handle connect the dot ballots
Dems elect hate monger in Minn.
Traders make odds on next President
Is this Hillary/NY voter stat true?
Dems alraedy canibalizing each other
Great story from Iraq
Rubin tells dems to raise taxes ALREADY
Dem leader Ried may get nailed soon
cons more charitable than libs PROOF
Iran leader asking to be silenced
Kramer's apology to Jesse Jackson
Muslim dem wont take oath on bible
Sharia law, coming to a country near you
New Iranian made weapons found in Iraq
Update on those poor imams at the airport
european socialists meeting with Dean
Historian slams Carters book
Officer, gentleman and plagarist?
pelosi intel pick, not too intelligent
Gitmo guards abused by prisoners
Iran offering nuke tech to others in mideast
Opponents of Amadingdon leading in Iraq
Saddam may hang in next few hours
Ethics question
What happened to ethics question thread?
Israel may be ready to deal with Iran
Anti war video is fake
Good job guys, cleaning up the trash
9-11 comm. didnt get all documents
democrat boxer makes low blow
pelosi's minimum wage hypocrisy
WMD explained
UN oil for cash guys busted
Pelosi's guy flip flops
John H do you this guy?
Hillary's Brother in doo doo
great site for Bush bashers
moral conundrum
Air America losing Franken
Sen Biden racist attack on Obama
Mossad nailed Iranian nuke scientist
Excellent video of Islamic debate
Update on pelosi's greedy plane demands
Jimmy it again
Obama drug use
Obama slams already starting from DOWD!!!
video, proud warriors of Allah
Muslims blow up over 20 bombs in Thailand
Obama panders to Hollywood
Scott, science support circumcision
Romney has a great idea
Al Gore's dirty energy secret....TRUTH
Pelosi already failing campaign promises
air france thwarted hijack
Taxpayers fund Kent St terrorist
Video of voter fraud in Fla ?
80% drop in insurgent hi-jinks
80% drop in insurgent hi-jinks
Harry Belafonte audio, one angry dude
Harry Belafonte audio, one angry dude
update religion of peace
gore refuses energy pledge...hypocrite
Welcome home dems
British v Iran, captured soldiers
Travolta says dial down for global warming
The Edwards arent for the poor
PBS loves terrorists hates Americans
Sharpton, Imus slayer make racist rant
Obama makes idiotic comparison V Tech to Imus
religion of peace video
Hillary fakes accent AGAIN for blacks
baby killers doing their thing
Murder bomber drops the ball on video
Carbon credit scam alert
700,000 turks protest muslim govt influence
Hillary Clinton Carbon hog and wastful
islamic mickey mouse
Couric getting spanked in news ratings...duh?
Islamic terrorist stir pot in Lebanon
Sheehan gets shat on by dems
4 caught trying to blow fuel tanks @ JFK
John Kerry wants opinion/information stifled
Religion of peace, spreads more good cheer
Sheehan going for
crazy muslim lib video
Bush blunders.....AGAIN
iraqis talk of al quaida killings
bagged a few more talis today
great 9-11 article dems or repubs
European guy that gets it right, great vid
hillary campaign cash it again
Al Gore, kicking global warmings azz
Sally Fields anti war meltdown video
Bush approval in 20's Cong at 11%
Iran video update
Jimmy Carter, at it again
San Fran wants official dope shooting centers
Dem politician goes nuts on video
Hillary dirty money from Chinese..amazing
This video should scare you
John ....crazy helicoptor in Arkansas
Even feminists question Hillary
waterbording demonstration video
Should you learn spanish to shop in USA?
Great video on single payer/canadian care
Bhutto murdered, what are the odds?
jimmu carter,at it again
Obama's warning to BIG COAL INDUSTRY!!
Voter intimidation in Philly
Obama changing already ???
Obama accomodating BIG LOBBY !!!!
Obama was bought?