lauriel's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Walker Boot Cast
Post surgery update and info for TTS
anyone having surgery please read this
anyone having surgery please read this
anyone having surgery please read this
how do you find previous posts?
post surgery question is this normal?
CT Creme results
help! - Need advice
question for Marie E and PT
I played golf on Saturday!
Any orthodics suggestions??
Im in so much pain - it has to be the shoes!
marty -question on NB shoes
3 months post surgery - and some advice
great PF and TTS? exercise
Neuromuscular therapy results
Took my first walk this week-end!
question for Dr Ed regarding porta pedis
5 1/2 month post TTS surgery update
found great to for arch pain!
I walked 9 holes of golf yesterday!
causes of TTS
Dr Z
for all of you who wear Orthodics
question about collapes arches.
Question for Dr Ed Davis
how do you find a place that ESWT
Dr Z, another question regardng atypical PF
opinions of active release therapy
whats working for me
I saw an accupuncturist for my PF
I am making progress with ART
? about Chacos and Naots
Why did these shoes cause me so much pain!