lee's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Cortizone injections for pf are too painful !
Yes, they grow and grow !
Yes, they grow and grow !
Save your money!
A shoe freak with sore feet!!!
I'm ready to try diet again.
Throwing them away won't help !
Do we all stand for work?
No more pills for me !
Tried them.
To Wanda re: cream
If the first Dr. doesn't help, move on!
Just keep trying different treatments.
Andi K., Thanks I never thought of that !
Wanda, Re: Cream
Because Dr's don't know
What kind of exercise for your feet
Kris, you're proof that Dr's don't know
Re: cream
About the cream.
Stiffer Arch Support
Pain from heel to arch !!!
Hey, Wanda
T: Kris
To: Scott
To: Wanda
Re: Sports Injuries
To: Mary Ann
To: Mary Ann
PF Release surgery
Shoe Inserts
To: Rosemary
Any Hairstylists with PF
2 years plus
Atkins Diet = relief ???
To: Larry
To: Larry, again
To: Carol E. . . .
To:Robyn Re: Chiro for your feet
Re: business smart shoes
Walking ??
Silica 200 & Vitamin Store
To: Scott re: magnets
To Wanda
Not for you but definitely for me !
Anybody read Dr. Sarno's book
Foot Roller
Atkins Diet
To: Sarah
To: Carol from city girl
to: Carol E.
to Joan
Surgery ???
to Sarah & Iris
Read back a few posts...
What helped the most..
To Gina re: cream
Re: lack of sleep?
To: Lou re Atkins
Diet & our feet
11 hours working
Hey, I'm the hairsylist Lee !
Plantar Fascitis
Day 3 post-ESWT
Not foot, but hip pain, may I ask a Question?
Recommendation of a doctor in So Cal
Coverage & copay for ESWT
Foot Surgery Aug 20
tingling after surgery
post surgery
Suggestions for post surgerical duldrums?
Fire in Simi
nerve problem following surgery
Ankle sprain
ankle sprain
Happy New Year
arthritis after surgery
sclerosing injections for nerve damage
exercising with heel pain
Dr. Gould in Alabama
cheilectomy problem
Localized pain