lindaa's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Dr. Biehler or DR. Zuckerman
Pod recommends bone scan
Fracture, Arthritis, and Heel Spur
Pathologic Fracture
Fracture Messageboard ?
could the docs please look at posting 8/16/01
has anyone been to pain mgmt clinic ?
hiking the appalacian trail
trying to catch up on reading of the postings
got my temporary handicap tag today
went to my first session w/ pain mgmt doc
happy 15 th wedding anniversary laurie r !
i like the x-mas donation idea for orthotics
having no dial tone for four days
Good or bad results with ESWT
hello to everyone ! very cold here in Ky
i have a question about shoes / sandals
hello john and suzanne !
Hallux Rigidus
Bilateral hallux limitus/rigidus
botox or light laser treatments
heel spur swelling
Foot surgery