lisa's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Re: try everything before surgery
thanks for responding
act quickly and seriously
Ouch, My Aching Foot...
Re: are podiatrists quacks?
Re: why so long?
Plantar Fascitis since 4-98 HELP
Does Ultrasound help?
Newcomer...I don't get it!
Thanks, Carol
To Carol: it's forgotten.
Good Luck, Carol
Thanks, to you too Robin
New topic re: supplements
Dress shoes for orthotics?
To Linda: Re: Newcomer, once upon a time!
Custom orthotics for Berkinstocks?
To Kelus: Re: shoes for Dallas trip
Anyone tried Biofreeze?
Lump under foot after PF surgery?
Thanks: Re: dress shoes for orthotics
Me, too -- thought I lost you guys!
Did I miss something -- what is MSM?
Re: BioFreeze? -- See also previous posts
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
Elimination diet of any help?
Help! MSM not in Natural Medicine Book
To Molly in Tampa
To Letty Re: I've tried almost everything
Carol: No message, just thanks for the info.
Molly: Re taping and NSAIDS
Tell me more on the neuroma
where to start
To Dana re: Vit C
To Gordon re: repost
Burning Feet?
To Gordon: regarding problem solving group.
To Scott: re:burning feet
To Gordon!
left foot - right handed
Had EPF on both feet at the same time.. :)
please help
Morton's neuroma
Dr. Z.: PF thickening
Living with TTS
Tarsal Tunnel and Plantar Fasciiatis
What is ESWT???
Help I don't know what to do
Is arch pain normal?
what questions ask doctor
What are signs of a good podiatrist?
washing orthotics
should i keep stretching
rolling pin exercise
towel exercise
how long does pain last?
What the heck does he mean??
icing and ibeprofen
biomechanical: overpronation
massage calfs and fascia
night splint
cotisone shot
Aeroic or exercise able to do
best inserts/shoes
strange pain tired feet
Tarsel tunnel surgery
Widening foor
orthotics after plantar release
Torn ligament? Torn tendon?
Pain Pain Pain
Googling Like Mad
Drs please answer- ?on lateral foot pain
Physio Therepy??
shoe recommendation for lateral rolling foot
positive story
needed advice from Jeremy or others
ART after PF release?
Questions for Drs following PF relase
ART following PF release
lateral foot pain
bunion surgery recovery
night splint question for doctor-please help
question about cryosurgery
BC/BS colonoscopy coverage
metanx for nerve pain
Pity Party-All are Invited!!!
Jeremy and/or Richard-tennis shoes
A good musical to see (very funny!!)
First ART treatment
BC/BS colonoscopy coverage
Dr Ed?
ART-Baby step good news!!!
Brooks Ariel
Dr. Rob question
squeeky orthotics
Dr. Rob and others-TTS flare up-HELP!
Mortons neuroma
mortons neuroma
Dr Rob Help
update- ART: a couple of good days!
sciatica and foot pain
This really sucks!!!!!!
Dr. Sanfillipo or others on board
pain meds
beheading of Hussein half brother in hanging
very happy for now!
Brooks Ariel Shoes
Herniated discs
Question for Dr. Rob and/or Dr. Dave, DC
job loss
Hope and Ralph
Pug V Pea__
TTS and STS connection?
TTS and casting?
walking on the beach
Plantar Fasciitis and casting the foot
cc joint fusion surgery
PF symptoms gone during pregnancy!
Yoga for plantar fasciitis?
plantar fascitis