mahatmelissama's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Thank God I found this board...
How do you explain Foot Pain?
Orthopedic Surgeon or Podiatrist?
Break in period for Orthos?
I am doing better!
Sometimes I just feel like crying
What happens during PT?
Pinched nerve?
Tried the New Zealand Healing Ointment
I had my first PT appt
Most curious...what is Vioxx?
I lost more weight!
Orthodic adjusted...
Nurse and Pod blew me off
Strange days indeed, most peculiar momma..
Anyone get "cured' who had CHRONIC PF?
Ok, I went to BOTH BBQs!
Muscle Stimulation
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics - trying them
started wearing SDO
Wearing SDOs today in Finn Comfort Shoes
VENT Airport thing
Dang Flare Ups...and How do I go to Europe?
I am getting slightly oh so slightly better
ibuprofen gel called DEEP RELIEF
My Fear of Airport Secuirty lines..
stitch in leg...
My Left SDO burst!
itching..INTENSE itching after walking
airports love to make you walk
Pixie-Bobs are cute cats!
My chiropractor advised me to WALK MORE
Stress=more PF pain?
why did nobody give me Vioxx?
So far (SDO progress)
I need to vent yet again
Dumb__ Dixie Chicks
Anyone else have inner ankles sore?
Stupid Question about ESWT
I want more cortisone! Is this is abig risk?
More Fun and Games! (Another Cortisone Shot)
What does "sub neutral" mean?
NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03
Another Report on new orthotics for me
It ain't fair!
I torture myself with thoughts from the past
My 2nd Accupuncture Treatment
4th Accupunture Treatment
411 on Mahatmelissama