molly's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Re: To Lisa in Naples
Fancy Foot Massagers
SCOTT: Re: Ibuprofen Cream
Left for me! - NO MESSAGE
LEFT foot worse, RIGHT-handed - NO MESSAGE
PF in left; Right foot 1st
SUCCESS! Two weeks pain free!!!!
Jackie - Glad I could help.
I think so.
Water helps.
help me to understand
Wheelchairs at Disney
Not for me!
Love Mine!
What caused my PF
ESWT in Florida - Just had it done
To John h:
ESWT-10 days ago Update
3 weeks ESWT - Back from Vegas
Second Treatments - Dr. Z???
3 months Post ESWT - My story
ESWT just done in Toronto - High Intensity
Dress shoes
Safe Exercises for PF (posted by Julie)