nancyn's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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post orthowave agony--please advise!
Thanks to everyone/update
Post-ESWT therapy/treatments
Acu-Flex questions (esp. for Nancy S/Alan K)
focus for ESWT
athletes with PF?
Acu-Flex update
numbness in thigh--any connection to PF?
Choosing between a pod and an ortho
Spencos vs. Birks
Shoe fit/SAS Freetimes
Another SAS Freetime question
Orthotic adjustments
Has anyone tried Feldenkrais?
Nerves in PF area/ankle?
Charges associated with ESWT machines
ESWT and orthotics
ESWT and Orthotics
Stopping medication
ESWT/Orthotics question, on ESWT board
arthritis in the back, and PF
Montefiore OrthoWave info
Feldenkrais class update
Treating PTT?
More comment on the email feature/one problem
MSM Updates?
help for early stage PTT
Another water idea
New Balance 587?
ordering Birks from the German site
Feldenkrais class report (overdue!)
best ways to deal with stiffness?
dealing with insurance companies
some good news
So where's everybody's picture??
how tightly do you buckle your Birks?
What would you guys do in this situation?
Scott, have you seen the spam
Nothing short of a miracle...
What seems to have worked for me...
for Brian G - travel idea
Basic Virus facts
More on computer security
Mary De, are you still around?
why you haven't seen me much lately...
is there a lotto winner this month?
Birks at Sam's Club
ESWT article in Wired magazine
Carole--NB 1121
Calf muscle cramps
Vioxx/Celebrex in the news again
The strangest of souvenirs...
How to sell a car?
Julie--Lake George
Back from Lake George
Kathy--I'm off to get my new car
John H and other online bidders?
Unknown email/Spam tips
More on spam and other internet nuisances
atrial fibrillation
For John H
Anybody ever use the Tony Little Gazelle?
new-style floor mops
Another pity party
Canadian Christmas/Wendy
John H's fascinating georgraphical history
Anybody have any ideas?
Space Shuttle Columbia
What we did in school today
Nike Ad
Bronchial Me
getting better
First line
Birks at Sam's Club
Canadian Health Care system
Can we all please just STOP now??
Top of Foot Pain
bunched up sock feeling