nancys's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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to Becky R. on shoes, etc.
using cane; and those store "jeeps"
Re: post-surgery rules to live by
Where I stand (no, sit) today
Ice first, or stretch first?
To John H
a night-splint smile
The phantom PF Book -- to Scott
Re: oops -- to Scott
Re: support from this board
Re: P.S. 1 more question, Alan (for now!)
Re: more on low-carb diet
Re: Tammy, some questions/suggestions
Re: surge of hope, etc.
Re: -- Elise, HELP
Alan Is Right -- why now indeed!!
to Nicole -- yeast overgrowth symptoms
I was just thinking . . .
You know you have PF when . . .
yeast-killing diet report, day 10
Thanks Scott and Alan -- short note inside
Running and jumping??
Scott: question re: Vitamin Shoppe
"wives' tails"
Re: to Mary J
Postscript to Alan
Re: nursing profession
Had osteopath appointment today
Birks May Fit Inside Larger Boots
TO Melody in UK AND Annette GE
un-oh, paranoia setting in . . .
One more thing, Alan
Re: Nancy: back to you Alan
Re: to John W: yes on Alan K!
Re: reply to your anti-yeast diet questions
Second, and last, osteopath visit
Re: to each her own
Re: to John H --
swimming swimming swimming
To Mariann
Re: To Alan -- re: pain diary etc.
A strange (to me) stretch has hurt my foot
Thank you all for replies. Today . . .
Come to Maine and see Thailand
those gel type heel cups or cushions
Having a minor pity party
Hey Salina, this is MY pity party!
Re: to BJC
Re: Vitamin B6 -- Vicki is right: Be careful
Re: get rest -- I agree with Alan!
At the risk of repeating myself . . .
Re: best thing(s) about this site
ORDERING BIRKS ONLINE -- Friendly Reminder
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Re: to Kim
Re: Rick, you are too much . . .
God I'm exhausted
A big Thank You -- and Optimistic Update
Re: PF and mental problems
Re: study saying Vit. C detrimental
Re: Hi, Salina
To Robin
"brilliant" question
Re: why? -- getting control of the mind
Re: Pat re: arch
John h -- scary hair
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Re: POLL, and article
Re: Rest -- re: rest as a "luxury"
Re: Try Birks -- listen to Robin -- eom
Robin -- two things, unrelated
Re: for the rest of your life?
Night Splint -- john h, please read
Re: Actually, John . . .
"trying to keep positive"
Re: conservative protocol
Re: web site -- John, you changed the wording
more shoe talk, and questions
Re: Salina -- to Stephanie
today's little shoe odyssey (odd-i-see)
swimming pool
I'm almost speechless
Re: Hi Jill
Sure, go ahead and knock yourself out
About my P.S.
Re: to Melody
Re: To Nancy -- Melody
Re: "refresh"
Re: To Nancy: Details how I got rid of yeast
to Alan re: achilles tendon stiffness
two nightsplints
splitting achilles tendon -- poll problem
new board design
to john h -- cortisone shot in heel
Look, Ma . . . no orthotics!
I am not alone
to john h
Achilles tendonitis, in both feet
calcium for cramping
My physical therapist is extremely wonderful
Aircast question
How to Find the Pictures and Other Stuff
Calling Pat M.!
Re: ORTHOtics
monster boot
Thank you . . .
to Wendy; and to John H
Ace hot & cold compress
simple, obvious, but I'd missed it
Arnica cream or salve
Scott -- re: "Rate Your Doctor"
arnica gel
a little more hope
Where are the grits?
For Patty
Beverly . . .
A beautiful evening OUT
ankle braces for tendonitis?
boots, Acu-Flex, percussion massage
Has anyone ever had a diagnosis like mine?
to Julie F.
Mixed Bag: orthotics evaluation, PT, etc.
my new orthotics
ice massage
breaking-in orthotics
alternative orthotics use
more hope+++
Homeopathy -- an unexpected winner
SCOTT -- another search problem?
What's happening? -- to Cindy H. (and Scott?)
VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERy interesting! part 2
rotator cuff (shoulder) tendonitis
progress . . . of the wrong kind!
the pic gallery
close to home
john h, you elusive fellow
can you tell i have insomnia?
beverly, are you around?
moving day came and went and i'm still alive!
hmmm.....i still don't get it
Scott -- about the Custom Insole Kit
wow, a great new feature
calling BARBARA-TX
For Paula
the brooks addiction
beverly, about your ankle brace?
good morning, julie! eom
SCOTT -- help, please (re email addresses)
a long shot . . . calling Salina?
to carole
the Howdy Doody Time song
moon pies deluxe -- a review
thanksgiving here, different this year
this social/support board
mashed potato update
television: does anyone do without?
snowbound and in television withdrawal
funny stuff from kids
to julie, our traveler
pala: how are the rats?
john h, please read, email trouble...
a smile?
Kari B.?
to suzanne k
running shoes with orthotics
we are the world
to judy
paula, how are you?
red sox . . . cubs . . . john
oxygen bars
dealing with pf discouragement or depression
remember to let your clock fall back
for Lynda S.
aly: a reminder
a pleasant discovery
computer question