paula's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Will my weakness get stronger?
Cam-Walker Anyone?
Lateral Column Pain is a Pain-And you?
Re: Have to agree with everyone,,,sorry Fred!
Finally, a little relief
back to the drawing board
drawing board working
walking cast, removable
wheelchair and walking cast
sprained anlke
thanks dr z and another question
vioxx and side effects
anyone from atlanta have pf
deaths from vioxx
dr kiper
stress fracture?
bring in the clowns
more stress fracture questions
best idea i can come up with tonight
ossatron gang
ankles better tendonitis much worse. geez
oh, and also....
tendonosis and eswt, for dr b or dr z
another question on eswt
taping an ankle sprain?
leave tape on at night?
oh great
mri results
big baby?
for what it's worth
an end to this nightmare?
return of the big baby
great advice, now tell that to the therapist
thanks for great advice
Pulled fascia or what?
anyone gotten orthotic from richard c ped?
interferrential machin?
question about casting for an orthotic
Anyone ever had a stress fracture?
just got mri back
more mri report
posterior tibial tendon dysfuncion
six months ago i was desperate.
a miracle for paula?
question for dr ed davis
what's wrong with this picture?
a real doctor
c ped or dr. ed ( or both)
strangest web site
sole to sole exercise
ice or heat or moving after icing?
carmen? how was the dr ruch visit?
an idea
and a question
oh my god dr. ed don't leave us
thank you scott
no doctors anymore. sad
the women of afghanastan
arizona, mueller, ucbl revisited,
maybe i've lucked out
pods or others, please help a space cadet
need an answer by tomorrow about taping
sea monkeys
paula's long strange journey
low dye strap
interesting physical therapist
To Barbara TX...
dr ed, ionto quesion
dr ed, ionto quesion
icing feet in winter
responding to b g ped and dr wander re pttd
sean sounded ok to me
i'm still a computer idiot
Knot in foot post surgery 9/14
hey sean for my part i'm sorry about all this
used night splint?
so many paulas
some more thoughts about driving people away
dr ed
new jersey and nancy
weird isreali mine boots help us?
night splint and heel lift question
auto immune?
hey monte
birkies take the plunge
sit on a ball?
rocker boot?
tilt board
achilles tendonitis
custom nightsplint
where is doctor c?
dr cozz?
thanks dr cozz
over stretching
boring swimming idea
broken toe? tape it to a toe next to it?
thanks for foot stool idea
new stretching info?
hey carmen, waving at you from atlanta
just got a disturbing phone call
monte, kinesio tape idea
twisted ankle
bed firmness, pf
intrinsic foot muscles
sitting with heels up under chair
foot massager?
drooping big toes
drooping big toes
dr ed,?
treating bursitis and tendonitis
walking boot cast
post tib
Computer Mousepads make softshoe inserts
strassburg sock therapy
Can we find a comfortable position??
How we walk?