paulag's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Onto orthotics and night splints..
How to sleep with night splints?
Is anyone ever really cured?
Fitting orthotics in shoes
Question about orthotics and night splints.
some relief and a question
scott about taping video
dr b dr z?
stretching question or maybe taping question
is my pt insane?
What is next after orthotics??
orthotics not working
Doctor not qualified vs. insurance question??
Not such a good day..
When to know to have the surgery?
Question about the way orthotics are fitting.
more blah, blah, blah from doctor
Question about problems with flat feet and PF
Flat feet with PF??
Can decreased hormones make heel spurs worse?
Here we go again...another doctor
Hi All, Went to doctor today, guess what
Just need some input on surgery...
myofascial release
I am now 5 days post op....
For Ami P....have you decided on surgery?
Question for those who have had the surgery..
Question if you have had surgery, nerve pain?
Has anyone tried Bextra?
Shoes other than birks??
Birkenstocks damage Mortons neuroma?